Trump and Fox Struggle to Attack Sen. Kamala Harris: A Closer Look

Published on August 13, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies straining to come up with ridiculous ways to attack Sen. Kamala Harris after her first public appearance as Joe Biden’s running mate yesterday.

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  • Jeffrey Thurnau 5 months ago

    Pence has absolutely no rhythm. Along with absolutely no compassion or humanity or ethics or integrity, etc., etc., etc.

  • Kyle Morris 5 months ago

    proof of a ghost on camera on YouTube that isn’t fake lol

  • Judy Corso 5 months ago

    Sounds like Cptn Bonespurs is SCARED of Bidens nasty VP pick

  • Jaeontae Edwards 5 months ago

    Its official seth makes me want to fight people

  • Rod Bender 5 months ago

    She’s mean and disrespectful? I think he’s jealous Biden picked her before he did. And yes, Trump and his followers are the whiniest babies I’ve ever seen. I was bullied all through my life and sucked it up. These people can’t even handle the slightest insult. Pathetic.

  • KC H 5 months ago

    Haha loved the shout out to the conservatives that watch your show

    I’ve found great joy in your show even when we don’t agree!

  • muadhib001 5 months ago

    Brett kavanaugh deserves to be in prison

  • Ninia W 5 months ago

    “They sacrificed everything for the furniture/future of their children…” Yeah, you read the script right….

  • Ebony Arnold 5 months ago

    I’ll see you in Salt Lake City!! LOL!!!

  • i am atomthegreat 5 months ago

    I wonder what the sailors real name is it’s got obviously be somebody.

  • red sparrow 5 months ago

    Why does everyone believe that Trump doesn’t drink? Everything utterance, every claim he makes is a monumental f*cking lie. Listening to him speak it sounds like he has Korsakoff syndrome.

  • shmuli9 5 months ago

    I don’t think Trump is drunk; I just think Trump managed to conceal his deteriorating neural condition.

  • ToaxnHoldem 5 months ago

    So many pathetic anti-trump people here.
    No matter how hard the media and libtards try they will support anybody but Trump.

  • Flame Beats 5 months ago

    Why is it everybody says her name wrong??

  • Janet Seidlitz 5 months ago

    Harris is going to wipe the floor with Pence in SLC. He can swagger all he wants, but she has way more intelligence and verbal acuity than he does. It’s going to be a slaughter, if he even bothers to show up.

  • Panna Chawangkul 5 months ago

    Hi Seth, I saw an interesting sign on someone lawn while on my way to work today. It’s a sign with a big NOPE and a picture of a blonde combover hair piece atop that. I had a good giggle & just want to share it with you. I wish the old orange cheeto cheat could have seen that sign. It’s on the lawn of the “old money” neighborhood, who must have voted for him before, but not this time around. NOPE!

  • kvdgadj 5 months ago

    They must be very afraid of Harris being VP. They just want another white man as VP?

  • Best Price 5 months ago

    The only African-American DNA found in Kamala Harris was from Willy Brown.

  • Suzan M 5 months ago

    Mic drop at 07:56. Also ..who wants to take bets on how many hidden bobby pins Seth has holding that pompadour of shame? 😉

  • Amor Mi 5 months ago

    Really?? Funny democrats


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