Trump and Fox News Feud: A Couple Things – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Published on January 28, 2016

Seth has a couple things to say about Donald Trump and Fox News’ contentious back-and-forth in the media.

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  • Bammy Shore 4 years ago

    Fox’s statement was far more petulant and childish than Trump’s. Good on

  • MrrMuyaagi 4 years ago

    Wait… What did he say about black people?

  • Relytia 4 years ago

    He’ll be too busy shooting someone on 5th Ave to attend the debate. He
    himself said he could do that without losing any voters. Not sure what
    terrifies me more, Trump or his supporters.

  • Meow Meow 4 years ago

    Seth’s hatred towards Trump is the best thing in late night shows.

  • John Townsend 4 years ago

    What an amazing spectacle! FOX news and its parade of staggering dullness,
    every talking-face wearing the same phony ‘taking-itself-seriously’
    expression and the unrelenting spewing of stupefying hypocrisy being
    slammed head on by a media savvy bloviating loud-mouth. I’m certainly not
    enamored by Trump by any means, but I laud his confronting the Murdoch Lie
    Machine (ie FOX news) as directly as he has. It’s about time it got its
    long overdue come-uppance on the national stage.

  • Figjam 4 years ago

    I don’t agree with Trump’s policies, but he is what quite honestly makes
    the entire presidential race debacle compelling. As soon as he opens his
    mouth, we listen.

    A true unintentional comedian, if ever there were one.

  • Alie Chiasson 4 years ago

    He could throw a direct insult at Oprah and be nominated…

  • bloodyhellghost 4 years ago

    The Trump rants are lame. Bring back Fred Talks

  • Richard Willford 4 years ago

    No wonder Trump likes Putin! They both hate being questioned. And they both
    relate to the word “oligarchy” – Putin has created one and Trump aims to.

  • CyberCanadian 4 years ago

    Just to clear something up. When did he attack veterans ?

  • DBZFan2 4 years ago

    I fucking hate liberals like Seth Meyers!! I wonder why he doesn’t do the
    same for Bernie Sanders and Hillary.

  • vegaskidd 4 years ago

    What megan kelly said made NO SENSE, you dont fucking quote people NOT
    RUNNING FOR OFFICE…… he said those things on a TV show, not while
    running for office…….. that makes no fucking sense!…….. He didn’t
    say those things in an interview about himself, he said it on a (scripted)

  • prashant bhatia 4 years ago

    If the presidential election is a circus, then Trump is the beast jumping
    through fire hoops making everyone go “woah”.

  • Scott Domzalski 4 years ago

    seth like men sexually

  • Scott Domzalski 4 years ago

    Late show is out of style. Wait men don’t have style woman have style .

  • Geoff Beach 4 years ago

    First and last time to watch this clown – stop stop

  • LordOfTheBored 4 years ago

    This guy is not funny at all.

  • Mats Hermans 4 years ago

    it’s really astonishirg what’s up, gu{s. buzz ragged what’s your opinion
    about it, guzs

  • William Eddy 4 years ago

    Has Trump been spending a lot of time at the donut shop with Chris Christie
    ? He looks awfully porky . I don`t think he spends any time on a treadmill


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