Trump and Bill O’Reilly Struggle to Sell Tickets for Their Arena Tour: A Closer Look

Published on July 19, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly having trouble selling tickets for their arena tour.

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  • Tadicuslegion78 2 years ago

    Brian Kilmeade: “It’s not the government’s job to protect people from Covid”
    Me: Aren’t you part of the same bunch shrieking you want Trump as the god-king of America because he was protecting you from Covid?

  • 1Tomrider 2 years ago

    GQP is desperately trying to spin Biden’s all-out efforts at getting people vaccinated/protected as a failure, as if he’s the one making dumb choices, not GQP followers!

  • Genevieve Fernety 2 years ago

    I hope we get a Tucker impression this week.

  • Richard Thurmond 2 years ago

    Who wants to see a couple of sexual predators

  • CuriousK 2 years ago

    Republicans are looking to replace their previous POS candidate with a new POS candidate to be the next POTUS.

  • Rouge Shark 2 years ago

    I fail to understand what bill o’reilly and donald trump are hosting….?!?!?
    is it a rapist convention?

  • tara shannon 2 years ago

    Camp paid off.

  • George B. Wolffsohn 2 years ago

    O’Reilly definitely does grosses
    He’s definitely gross.

  • Paul Keith 2 years ago

    Trump’s train of thought is apparently powered by a loco motive…

  • automatic mattywhack 2 years ago

    The translation is On the Shimmering Still Waters that Consists of Memories according to Google.

  • james thompson 2 years ago

    “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Trump can’t play anywhere near par! Like the ‘Mafia’ he has to have something over these politicians. And I can’t wait to see his booking photo! (No Orange face paint and without that wig!!!)

  • Fritz Haselnuss 2 years ago

    the cultists and propaganda echochambers can shout “fake news” as much as they want…listening to a trump speech live or unedited only drives the point home how utterly STUPID trump was and still is. He doesnt seem to know a whole lot about the world. Firing somebody in germany is only possible on criminal charges or under heavy regulations. Germany is a country where the government protects the PEOPLE first, not companies

  • kelerews 2 years ago

    – 99% of people dying is unvaccinated
    – that’s their choice

    really? dude… really?

  • saxmanphd 2 years ago

    Are they gonna have live audience?

  • jbt PA 2 years ago

    Seth’s from New Hampshire, “live free or die”. Fox’s Friends picked die.

  • Higher Grounds 2 years ago

    Michael Winslow made the sounds in police acadamy, not Woo Woo Saine.

  • John Cloois 2 years ago

    “Killme,” it is the government’s job not to put their citizens in danger like this. If someone gets sick and/or dies from the unvaccinated near them how much is it the fault of the unvaccinated? Sometimes you HAVE to wear a mask. I’m glad I don’t have to check with him or I won’t get judged by him for where I go or what I do. A quick and soft, “they don’t wanna die.” Uhhhh, okay?


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