Trump and Barr Corrupt the Justice Department as John Kelly Speaks Out: A Closer Look

Published on February 13, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his attorney general turning the Justice Department into a political weapon to protect Trump’s friends and punish his enemies.

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  • Quinn. S. 8 months ago

    “I don’t understand so he did nothing wrong.” Fk, I didn’t know America was regressing back to the medieval ages.

  • Mrs. Stewart 8 months ago

    What type of witchcraft has caused so many people to convince themselves that up is down and right is wrong?

  • Melly 8 months ago

    Absolutely no one:

    Trump: So…what are badgers personalities like?

  • FO Biggles 8 months ago

    Oh, my little Bidger Badger! Trump, you goof!

  • Nevada Scared 8 months ago

    Barr needs to go now. He made many cases disappear from NDSY to protect Trump. Barr is a disgrace to the office.

  • Nychelle Brewer 8 months ago

    I’m sure any self-respecting badger would bite into Trump’s fleshy shin at any given opportunity.

  • 7sword Mary 8 months ago

    Honey Badger Don’t Give A F***
    Original Narration

  • stevnated 8 months ago

    It’s never too late, better late than never.

  • Jason Wilson 8 months ago

    Trump doesn’t look like a badger! Badgers are far more pleasant to be around.

  • TheDaxter11 8 months ago

    7:36 is this supposed to be a book the guy wrote? he made himself look like a villain on that cover

  • Shala Taebi 8 months ago

    I want to see Trump’s rings on the collars.

  • Jason Beard 8 months ago

    We should send him some Zoobooks at the White House.

  • sharon olsen 8 months ago

    Overcooked ham with googlie eyes … OMG !! Almost spit my drink ! Laughed so hard ! Thank you Seth !!! I needed that today ! : )

  • Kenneth Nash 8 months ago

    Can someone please rake the senate so democracy doesn’t burn down?

  • Michael Beestick 8 months ago

    Dangerous times. The enemies of the people and the republic. Time to use the second amendment.. its intended purpose. Get rid of cunts like these.

  • Sean Embry 8 months ago

    The only valid response to an illegal order is to shoot them in the head immediately.

  • Jimmy john Stewart 8 months ago

    Trump’s learned a lesson that the Republicans will not hold him accountable for any of his wrong doings!!=dictatorship

  • Sweet Willy 8 months ago

    Don’t fret Seth just another 4 1/2 years of Trump as your president

  • BR549 8 months ago

    Roger Stone looks like Karl Lagerfeld on steroids.

  • Hans 8 months ago

    aww man, this pumpkin is out here dragging Wisconsin down. Badgers are pretty neat-o, and Trump just isn’t.


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