Trump Accidentally Confesses in Stolen Docs Case; Biden’s Marijuana Pardons: A Closer Look

Published on October 10, 2022

Seth takes a closer at Republicans fully embracing Trump even as the federal criminal investigation into his stolen classified documents intensifies and Biden taking the first steps towards decriminalizing marijuana.

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  • J. M. 4 months ago

    The Insane Orange Clown 🤡 basically has admitted to the crime of stealing classified document in public on TV several times (not to mention the many other crimes he’s admitted in public The last 5 years.) I want to know why the hell this guy is still walking free on the streets of America? Merrick Garland needs to do his freaking job and lock this clown up ASAP!

  • Paul Manegold 4 months ago

    Your trump and Lindell are gold well done Seth.And your Bush is awsum

  • SarahBW 4 months ago

    “Not gonna do it” 😂😂😂

  • Mike Malley 4 months ago

    pivotable? Oh Seth…

  • Joe Gilkey 4 months ago

    The issue is Biden Mr. Trump, Trump Trump. Wake up num nts.

  • Franco Barrera 4 months ago

    Biden definitely smokes weed. I will vote for hin again.

  • Gregory Morris 4 months ago

    Trump knows LSD as lady, sister, daughter

  • Philip Raeburn 4 months ago

    Republicans are crying that the Democrats are rigging elections, total lies to hide the truth that they are the ones actually rigging elections. The majority of voter fraud found is committed by Republicans. These folks say that they are Christians when they lie, cheat and steal, let me be clear… Jesus Christ does not know them! Get rid of all these evil Republicans in 2022 if you are a true Christian and clean out the evil that has consumed the Republican party!

  • MelT 4 months ago

    I didn’t realize Bush’s Presidential Library has a bowling alley / Chinese restaurant

  • Valar 4 months ago

    Bill Maher did say Trump would say “It’s mine” like a kid.

  • Panna Chawangkul 4 months ago

    There he is again, the black guy who, I’m sure, is getting paid to be there, as a token. How much is he getting this time? 😅

  • John Sievers Sr 4 months ago

    Funny guy.

  • Leevit DeBeeva 4 months ago

    Did Seth just say “Pivotable Mid-Term Elections” instead of Pivotal? That’s an inexcusabital error for supposedably educated guy

  • Honor Ladone 4 months ago

    It’s all about him. I don’t care about this jitbag. Philadelphia USA

  • Short Bus Scotty 4 months ago

    Can’t own a gun if you use Medical MJ, but you can be drunk on your ass. We have to take the gun from the drunk to use on them and that is not fair.

  • Stephanie Light 4 months ago

    Comment worth repeating 👇👇👇

    👉👉 “Don’t let history judge him. Judge him now. With judges.” 👈👈
    Alex Severinski

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox the Nothingth 4 months ago

    Why does
    Seth always win
    the YouTube race.
    Those older late nite
    talk show fellas
    are kinda slow !

  • Al Green 4 months ago



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