Trump Abroad: Oh, the Places Those Tiny Hands Will Go!: The Daily Show

Published on May 30, 2017

During his first official trip abroad, President Trump makes an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, gets rebuffed by First Lady Melania Trump and jeopardizes U.S. alliances.

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  • Alice 3 years ago


    Oh shit wrong show

  • Betelehem Tessema 3 years ago

    finally have something to watch on YouTube ?

  • Dan Aalfs 3 years ago

    it is official we are the laughing stock of the world . Trump pushes around other world leaders and is seen as a giant child. it’s fucking embarrassing

  • Ethan Lines 3 years ago

    I just watched this on tv

  • Sam Beri 3 years ago

    Mussolini, Stalin and Trump are walking trough quicksand. A sign says: The more you lie, the faster you sink! Mussolini is down to his hip, you can only see Stalin from his chest upwards, but Trump stands with both feet on the sand! “How are you doing that”, Mussolini and Stalin asks? Trump answers: “Iam balancing on Kellyanne Conway”.

    Back in the 40ies this was a joke we Germans told eachother about Hitler and Goebbels. We have no use for this kind of jokes anymore. You guys can have it now 😉 by F.W

  • Jess6455 3 years ago

    Trevor is the best comedian he needs more time on tv

  • Olivia Hesson 3 years ago

    Europe would be smart to not rely on America for anything anymore.

  • governor madea 3 years ago

    oh Trevor how have i missed you. I hate these breaks

  • Evil Gary 3 years ago

    Imagine what republicans would say if Obama sold that many weapons to Saudis….

  • J.D. May 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah using a French accent makes me wet…

  • Nicholas LaRosa 3 years ago

    It’s fucking embarrassing to have Trump as a president. Literally any average middle class American can do a better job as President than Trump.

  • Eugene Smart 3 years ago

    I’m sorry those were Trump’s wedding ?? vows! Lmao ?

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ 3 years ago

    Macron made Trump his bitch.

  • manoj kumar 3 years ago

    Being a person from India who follows most of the happenings in the US politics, I have to say you fucked it up US, for yourself and most of the others in this world. More than weapons and other things you have, I thought the biggest strength you possessed was the diversity which no other country had in such a short period of time but now that its slowly dying down, you’re indirectly making other countries stronger.Some of the things trumpf has said and done in over 100 days is mind-boggling but I ll tell you this, you’re still respected and a great country except for some fuck ups in the past.I wish you all the best and never make this mistake again.Please consider this as a request. Thank you.peace.

  • SnarkyGinger16 3 years ago

    “Your life will be empty. Your life will be brief. And your soul will be fully condemned.”
    “You may now kiss the bride.”

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    How did America go from one of the most wonderful countries to the laughingstock of the World

  • Tabletti Tili 3 years ago

    As a European who’s followed the news pretty closely for 10 years or so, that speech by Merkel was something completely different from anything we’ve heard before. Because Trump is so f-d up on such a new level that he makes Bush look like JFK. You Americans really need to impeach Trump ASAP

  • orange ball of failure 3 years ago

    Twump can’t even grab his wife’s hand without being humiliated…She’s probably exhausted from all the winning too lmao

  • Harrison Shone 3 years ago

    Honestly, Merkel’s right. You can’t trust Trump or anyone in his cabinet to tell the truth about crowd size, let alone protect you’re country. Europe, not America, is now the center of the free world, and weather they like it or not, they are the strongest line of defense against Putin’s agenda. The torch passes to them, at least until Trump is impeached.

  • SnoopyDoo 3 years ago

    “Make America Great Again”?? More like “Make America the laughing stock of the world”


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