True Confessions with Dolly Parton and Noah Centineo



  • Clifford Luke 3 years ago


  • ncncncc 3 years ago


  • Claudia's Lovely Page 3 years ago

    Noah is looking like Benny Blanco

  • ronda allen 3 years ago

    i wonder if Dolly told her Dad and granddad about that.

  • Olamide Iyanda 3 years ago


  • Steven Lamar 3 years ago

    Gotta love Dolly. She has the best comedic timing! And she’s as cute as all get out!

  • Alex Wyler 3 years ago

    Could you not promote cigarettes? People might be trying to quit smoking and probably watch the show to distract themselves….Cigarettes know longer look cool. The whole time, i am thinking Jimmy Fallon is inhaling tons of poisons, i could not concentrate on Dolly Parton, the dirty ashtray was too distracting and not in a good way. it is probably a graphic, butyoung people in real life will not know that. When a young guy smokes, he tells everybody that his erection is not as strong ( 1/3 less) as it could be. 2021, not 1971. We know this stuff in 2021. In 1990s, we did not even know cigarettes were addictive. So using cigarettes as props makes you stupid, not cool. After 4 years, i am unsubscribing. There is enough stupidity out there, i do not want to contribute to it. First time i gave a thumbs down.

  • Pras Fidelis 3 years ago

    i’m curious what Alexa’s response was

  • melissa saint 3 years ago

    It’s too much pressure on Jimmy to take part every time, lol. One man can only have so many bizarre life experiences that could be true or a lie.


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