Trucks: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on April 4, 2022

John Oliver explains how truck drivers get paid, how they often don’t, and how companies exploit them to increase profits.


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  • NWKBricks1 1 year ago

    LWT hits it out of the park once again. I was waiting for a “Maximum Overdrive” reference though.

  • Raul Martinez 1 year ago

    This is only the tip of the iceberg when I tell you this gets worse… I mean it gets fubar. As a truck driver working for a decent company I’ve been through the trash like western express making 300 a week because they wouldn’t dispatch me…

  • Blah Anger 1 year ago





  • Gpoplin Greg Poplin 1 year ago

    Watched this on HBO tonight, and while sometimes I feel like this show is a bit bleeding heart, as a trucker- thank you for telling the story of our jobs.

    Truly fucking hilarious. And unfortunately true.

  • Michael Rák 1 year ago

    I was in the repair side of this industry where I always made an effort to make sure the drivers were properly taken care of and not left waiting forever. I got a pretty good reputation for this to the point where drivers would frequently try and call for me directly. Dispatchers were the literal worst to their drivers but that didn’t me I had to be. But, then came (a company known for free one-day shipping). At first it wasn’t so bad and I carried my same attitude over, but then (company)’s attitude started to leak into our leadership. We’d be expected to have repairs done with the literal description of “trailer broken” within 20 minutes of receiving the work order (even if it was 50 miles away). You’d think that couldn’t get worse, but then they don’t include locations or wrong locations or partial locations (such as just the state they’re in or “their 300 miles from [city]”). Then came the (company)-like policies, such as us randomly being assigned work orders to get done without telling us which one (on a board of over 30-60 new jobs, not even getting into the literal thousands needing followed up on) and if we didn’t get to that one by a set time we’d get a strike (as in three-strikes your fired). So yeah, I got out and am now working as a sysadmin again. I had originally brought my skills to this industry after a massive shake up at the company I was at prior and stayed because I saw it as a place where I was truly needed and where I could make a difference, I left because (free two day shipping with guess company) turned my life into a constant nightmare (in safe for YouTube terms), and this was just the repair side. Before (company), I had actually planned on becoming a truck driver if I ever found myself out of work, but now? HA! No. I’d rather just jump into the pit and get it over with. IDEK how the drivers survive in that industry anymore, especially considering (company) has driven the race to the bottom exponentially lower.

  • Manual Mind 1 year ago

    P. S. Your Latin “adversarium maximus” is wrong. You have to be CNG congruent: “adversarius maximus”. 😉

  • Jeff 1 year ago

    One BJ and the bear was a great show f*** you. Two to the guy crying that his needs aren’t met are you f****** kidding me? Three if the company treats the driver badly the driver can go to another company there are literally thousands of them and some of them treat you good.

  • athena13005 1 year ago

    Sounds like “Matewan” conditions (Watch the movie if you don’t know the history, it’s worth it). The irony is that a lot of truckers are anti-union, because of the ridiculously inaccurately named “right to work” culture.

  • Fox MacLeod 1 year ago

    @10:50 – I hate that this is the case, but I think it’d be a good move for someone pragmatic enough to know their deceased family member can’t care because they’re gone, or if religious, believe they might look fondly upon using their funeral to fight for human rights.

    Call all the news outlets, then try to organize a memorial service at a truck stop, rest area, or even on the highway itself. Somewhere visible, and that would help illustrate the position the modern robber barons force defenseless employees into.

    Capitalism is wrecking everything. Corporate America is, by comparison, currently making Rockefeller, and the other icons of the worst wealth iniquity known to history look like a minor league baseball team franchise owner.

  • Bloodmoon Comics 1 year ago

    I feel like more and more companies are claiming more and more employees as independent contractors. It would not surprise me if every company start labeling all their employees that to save money.

  • jreyes94 1 year ago

    21:42 “I miss my wife Tails.”

  • B 1 year ago

    You have a better chance to make more $ as a truck driver than with a masters degree in corporate America ……wokism & cancel culture created this make fun of them all you want they make more than you

  • BurnestThe4th 1 year ago

    Lemme guess: trains!

  • Wikidclowne 1 year ago

    Trucking companies aren’t in any hurry to change. They’re all holding out for self driving trucks

  • Life Views 1 year ago

    Both sides need to step up; customers and companies. Those at the top (CEOs etc) that make massive amounts of money depending on the company need to be less greedy, and customers who buy products; If customers want cheap stuff, that’s a problem too in general. Both sides squeeze everything in-between.


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