Trophy Hunting in Africa – The History of a Barbaric “Sport” – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on April 19, 2022

The 2015 killing of Cecil the Lion ignited a global conversation around trophy hunting, the killing of wild animals for sport. Daily Show writer Joseph Opio and author of the book, Undercover Trophy Hunter, Eduardo Gonçalves, join Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the history and psychology of a practice widely seen as cruel and inhumane.

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  • batman2683 10 months ago

    That’s actually incorrect by the conservationist. Shooting an animal in the head is a bad idea. It actually suffers more because if you miss it can pass through the soft issue and the animal will run in pain. Heart and lungs is better for a quicker death. It’s also actually a larger target than the head to aim for the lungs. Still though trophy hunting is disgusting and should be illegal.

  • Dave Peterson 10 months ago

    Hunting is not a sport and neither is fishing. I hate people calling hunting a sport. Sport shooting targets? Sure. But hunting for sport does not exist

  • Michael Gahagan 10 months ago

    I visited Ghana in June 2019. I went on a one day photo safari in the Mole National Park. My Ghanaian friend had never been outside of the capitol city of Accra. We saw a small group of 6 elephants and a few species of antelope. There were several warthogs and baboons on the grounds of the hotel.

  • Ladell P 10 months ago

    The reason these game Hunters can concoct in their heads that this is a sport and that they actually love the animals, and this is why they’re killing them, it’s simply because they’re sick minded republicans. Move the goalposts, and no one will notice. This is their reality to this very day.

  • Aimee 10 months ago

    I am so grateful to Roy, Joseph and Eduardo for discussing this vitally important (and vial) issue. Trophy hunters are not giving back — only stealing — Africa’s heritage 🤬

  • Mampuya's Kikôngo Lessons 10 months ago

    Very interesting discussion 🤮🤮🤮 and barbaric 🙁🙁

  • ashassassin 10 months ago

    My favorite thing about this talk is that a solution was offered. Photo Safaris sound brilliant. I guess its just a matter of convincing people to get on board.

  • heather kirwan 10 months ago

    can you imagine if a rich african politician came and shot a bald eagle?

  • Chenxing Zhang 10 months ago

    I’d rather get 1000 watermelon and a kantana (yes fruit ninja!!!). Or… let’s get Tesco hire these people for free in their butchery for the chicken massacre (Or McDonalds for beef, which could fix the inflation issue).

  • Nozizwe Vundla 10 months ago

    We need more of Joe Opio aka the pride of Uganda. He is brilliant! 🇺🇬

  • Susan Wangari 10 months ago

    Africans should start hunting there PETS at their houses and post on media’s.Maybe they’ll understand our pain.😥….Just paradise destroyers,Queen should stop this mentalities of trophy hunters .

  • stobe187 10 months ago

    To quote the great Colin Quinn: “It’s not a sport if the other team doesn’t know they’re playing”

  • Arthur Martin 10 months ago

    Before this video, I have only heard the argument of hunting money being used to preserve animals. Never been so glad to be wrong.

  • Robert Britt 10 months ago

    Trophy hunter trophy hunting. I’ll provide the reward and medal to whoever takes Eric and junior.

  • Dominique ___ 10 months ago

    Brilliant information .. with the proper dose of humour. Thanks, y’all.

  • Samira A 10 months ago

    If they love the animals why not just go on a safari and donate money for conservation without hurting these animals?

  • justin barrett 10 months ago

    Because the rich can’t do this to people they do it to something that is not even aware that they are play the “sport”. Nothing more than senseless killing

  • Robert Britt 10 months ago

    Hunting a deer for food, while not a sport, is essential in an ecosystem devoid of natural predators.
    More the shame on us that such ecosystems exist.
    But trophy hunting is simply psychopathic. These people a danger to humanity.

  • Whiplash 10 months ago

    I’m a precision long range shooter. I’ve always wanted to pack up my rifle, fly to Africa, then hunt trophy hunters.


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