Trey Gowdy Wishes President Trump Had Acted Sooner To Encourage Americans To Wear Face Masks

Published on August 26, 2020

The former Republican Congressman and author of the book, “Doesn’t Hurt To Ask,” Trey Gowdy, is willing to criticize the President’s handling of the pandemic, but won’t go as far to call it a failure of leadership, saying he wishes Trump had acted sooner to encourage Americans to wear face masks. #TreyGowdy #LateShowLIVE #RNC

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  • Paxton 3 years ago

    Why do you have this traitor on the show?

  • Justice Sportsman 3 years ago

    Trey Gowdy makes me proud to be a Republican and I’m not even a Republican.

  • Lynn Haywood 3 years ago

    Trey Gowdey is Mike Pence lost son.

  • melbatoast667 3 years ago

    Trey Gowdy sucks.

  • Harry Denny 3 years ago

    Really, is that all that prick Gowdy has to say? He wishes Trump had acted sooner? Trump had months to act and refused even calling the virus a hoax. Even when it was obvious that it was spreading like wildfire and out of control Trump actively hindered all attempts to control the spread. He refused to give the States access to protective clothing. He had refused to order the manufacture of life saving ventilators and the preparation of more ICU beds. Trump may just as well have been dead at his desk for all the good he did. The truth is that the country would be in far better shape if he had died in January.

  • Paula Keller 3 years ago

    Trump stupidity handling covid-19 has caused close to 180,000 deaths. The numbers keeps climbing daily. Trey Gowdy try real hard to indicted Hillary on the Bengazi case. With no success. Just waste of time and 28 million tax payers money.

  • JTuaim 3 years ago

    Satan and Republicans are holier than though. Always a negative put down to try to paint themselves superior. Truth is they’re Toadies for the wealthy. Get money out of politics.

  • PDVism 3 years ago

    Isn’t it sad that a ‘comic’ asks more hardball questions then actual reporters?

  • Lance Eriksen 3 years ago

    Another Trump dingel berry!

  • Shadow Realm 3 years ago

    Wait a minute didn’t the sanate conclude there was actual collusion between the trump compaign and the Russian government ? The Senate ran by republicans …..

  • Allan Hytowitz 3 years ago

    Trey Gowdy further validates that “conservatism” is a mental disease.

  • Fergal Bannon 3 years ago

    Another pointless interview by Colbert

  • Kevin Gahagan 3 years ago

    I just might buy that book, if I run out of toilet paper.

  • vonslagle 3 years ago

    I wish Trump had too. At least 60,000 Americans Dead because of his Ignorant Arrogance

  • Roy M 3 years ago

    That damned haircut. Are we sure Trey isn’t hanging out with Falwell?

  • James Christensen 3 years ago

    It’s guys like these that I wonder what the conversation is going to be like with St Peter at the pearly gates.

  • Gary Beck 3 years ago

    Gowdy looks like Ellen, but nice.

  • Mr Touré 3 years ago

    Stephen, you invited Trey f**king Gowdy!? But but but but why?


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