Trevor’s Live Election Results from Key Races | The Daily Show

Published on November 7, 2018

Trevor’s midterm elections coverage continues with results from New York and Missouri, while Ronny Chieng, Dulcé Sloan, and Jaboukie Young-White report on key races.



  • Ak iraa 8 months ago

    I wonder how many in the audience voted

  • Enryuu1 8 months ago

    I Love Futurama!!!

  • Loren P 8 months ago

    Yeeeeah democrats!!!!

  • MDZPNMD 8 months ago

    Sweet they are rerunning Futurama.

  • Daniel Lopez 8 months ago

    Lmao CRTV

  • Altrunchen 8 months ago

    Rock the house, drop the louse.

  • Horatio aka Jeremy Johnson 8 months ago

    Fuck you. Futurama is important.

  • Aakash Banodhe 8 months ago

    Man I miss Jordan Klepper…

  • Kapil Rupani 8 months ago

    Trump has hacked the Senate seats. But natural a con man cannot do anything right they knew they have to buy the Senate seats if they have to . Putin’s puppet.

  • Fillinyourname 8 months ago

    Democrats you need to go and reproduce in Texas

  • Shahriyar Osouli 8 months ago

    bad show
    never liked any of extras

  • Munro McLaren 8 months ago

    Beto for President 2020!

  • Noche 8 months ago

    Wait I’m in Vista ohboy

  • BancroftOutdoors 8 months ago

    Fuck you kkkyyyyiilleeeee

  • emacicc 8 months ago

    U gassy fungus infested loser,loool

  • Mendi Suarez 8 months ago

    I don’t stay up that late to watch trevor but the morning clips in the news are hilarious now i find this channel i can have some Trevor….I mean i can watch some Trevor? Well, u know what I mean lol… truly funny

  • blue4me43 8 months ago

    Traitors Republicans won because of Cheating and dirty voter fraud laws. I do not call them as winner, but losers.

  • james fiaco 8 months ago

    it’s fascinating how many people enjoy the natural raw wild organic sensations mother Earth has to offer, but yet the majority of the population is not doing anything to demand from leaders that we improve upon and maintain the quality of standards pertaining to our air, water, foods, landscapes, working and living environment every day home products to be made manufactured mass-produced in a way that doesn’t disrupt or diminish the quality of life, by leaving excess poisonous ,toxic, wastes behind you can’t be pro-life if your doing business with outdated power sources, inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances that have been scientifically classified, religiously verified as petrified death! Better known as coal, oil and gas the chemical industry. Which now that Donald Trump has been bought off and paid out by lifting sanctions and deregulating! Putting Caps ON restricting what the EPA FDA drug and food ministration, health and human services environmentalists can present to the public. Our air ,water ,landscapes ,working and living environments are going to be facing oil spills, gas leaks, toxins being burnt off in to our airways) much more frequent with less consequence which is going to result in, cause environmental financial global collapse. Combined with all the health risks that have already been established from business being conducted in this, low-quality outdated manner, by top scientists leading physician specialist the EPA,FDA, drug and food ministration Surgeon General’s warnings. They say not to use a generator inside your house or car garage for carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death! So very soon you will have pipelines from coast-to-coast burning off this petrified death! It is basically bringing the generator inside our house. The oldest trick the Republicans have been using preventing these programs from doing their job is by defunding them. It’s what happened the whole time during Obama’s presidency it is irritating negligent that Democrats are not bringing these points out sharing these facts would Americans. Talk about play hardball! Talk about pro-life ,women’s rights and gay-rights. How about the right to clean air, water, high nutritional value foods. Democrats are only bringing up social classification rights. There not hitting the fundamental rights which is air water, foods, landscapes ,working, living environment and every day home products being made with advanced materials resources substances, that are stronger, lighter more versatile easier to work with+ plus the + these products can freely be used manufactured mass-produced as much is the people need or want without leaving any excess poisonous waste behind. Democrats are pushing how important it is that women have the right for a abortion. Will do the fathers have the right to make sure the kids have clean air, water and high nutritional value foods available 24 seven. As ignorant as the Democrats are behaving right now, the Republicans are celebrating being vindictive. By doing everything they can to keep the majority of the population of Americans) overwork, underpaid, out of shape, sick weak ,desperate ,overfed’ undernourished’ with them dirty low-paying jobs, that come from outdated! Power sources) inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides ,chemicals that never change their killing composition.

  • Supa_Cold_Ninja 8 months ago

    This was not funny

  • Nappyheaded Josh 8 months ago

    I know Kyle


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