Trevor’s Blackface Punishment Idea – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on September 21, 2019

“If you’re gonna have the fun of black, you must also take the s**ttiness that comes with being black as well.” Trevor lays out a plan to deter people from wearing blackface



  • Hope Forbetter 10 months ago

    Black people should paint their faces orange. Orange should be the new black!

  • Marie Carroll 10 months ago

    ??? If I had magic powers I’d totally do that to people! hahahahaha Brilliant!

  • Klinkenstecker22 10 months ago

    Hi, I am german and my English is not that good.. May you explain to me what Blackfacing is ?

  • Daya Singh 10 months ago

    Oh stop being pissed off at acting are you not covered in makeup,hell i saw a black man once covered in sun screen and didn’t go into meltdown,don’t believe you blacks are sooooo susceptible.putting makeup on is about context ,making such a big deal about it is stupid and for a race of such strong people yo are coming off a bit wimpish bro!

  • Daya Singh 10 months ago

    What’s your punishment for the white statue little dick joke then hey,used to like you sooo much now i just think you’re racist and an opportunist,basicly shut up!

  • Anne 10 months ago

    Haha everyone in the Netherlands would be black because Blackface is literally a yearly tradition here… (I don’t approve of it and it’s definitely a point of discussion here and it’s changing, but it does definitely still exist)

  • Brandon Aguirre 10 months ago

    What is bad about blackface??? It’s 2019. we all have black heritage. I am over racism.

  • Yahzee Skellington 10 months ago

    Punishment for wearing make up in costume? Are you kidding me? Sure, Disney can cast a dark skinned actress for a remake of their own movie which featured a redhead mermaid, but it’s a crime for a person to pretend to be a character with skin darker than theirs.

    The police is shooting down people with dark skin for no good reason, but sure, makeup is the thing we have to cry about. Fuck this world…

  • Daizy 10 months ago

    we dutch people would be fucked?

  • Vinista 10 months ago

    For guidelines on the punishment, see John Howard Griffin, “Black Like Me” (published 1961).

  • Valrie Preston 10 months ago

    Calm down Trevor OMG ?

  • A A P 10 months ago

    Im down ive always wanted to say the N word and own a dodge charger while being on welfare

  • Porkchop Sandwiches 10 months ago

    Trump wears Orange face everyday… Where is the Justice for our Citrus Fruits?

  • ErykaSoleil 10 months ago

    There could be some real advantages to implementing this idea, if the offender really did get treated like an actual black person for a year. I bet you’d see some laws and inequalities change REAL quick as rich white family members tried to skirt the law and save their loved one. Brock is placed in a mostly-black school that’s short on funding and still has a gravel parking lot and only a handful of outdated computers in their computers lab? Watch that school suddenly have an “anonymous” donation to fix everything. Some families would be scandalized and pretend that person didn’t exist for a year, but I bet at least some of them would start caring a whole lot more about how black people get treated.

  • Jef Schobert 10 months ago

    I have some black relatives. I don’t call them African-american because they were born in America and are Americans. They weren’t born in Africa then moved here. I’m a “white” guy whose family is from Germany yet I’m called American not a german-american because I was born in America not Germany.
    That official labeling of those who aren’t “white” needs to disappear.
    If you were born here then you are an American.

    Now my relatives call themselves the N word or some variation of that word in causal conversations. They greet each other using the N word or shorter versions.
    You want the way people are treated to change, well it’s not just that easy, but it should be evident to stop using words which you don’t like other people to use because it’s not helping your cause.

    Now I will still call our president retarded because he is and he makes fun of the mentally handicapped so he deserved that label.

  • George B. Wolffsohn 10 months ago

    Sounds fair, Trevor.

  • linux750 10 months ago

    Yeah, but do you what would ruin that as a punishment Trevor? All of the smartasses who would want to cheat the system so they can hang on to the benefits of being black. Dudes who just got done with their “life as a black person sentencing” would try to hang on to the benefits of having larger genitalia or fuller butts.

  • Daddy DIY 10 months ago

    I don’t think putting face make-up on to portray a character should be considered “racist”. Nor insensitive.
    The nation so progressive women can kill babies and men are “brave” for cutting their penises off; can’t pretend to be a different race on Halloween… to portray a character of that race… not point out or draw attention to any stereotypical attributes.
    Yeah that’s dumb

  • Scott Davis 10 months ago

    He’s just not funny. He tries so hard. But his delivery fails to land Everytime.

  • Chris Carmona 10 months ago

    Not sure if that’s a good punishment, though. I can only imagine being black’s kind of addictive. Remember Rachel Dolezal? Does she really like being black or is she just being punished for life for doing blackface for a long time? Nobody knows.


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