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  • Andres Virgen 2 weeks ago

    Trevor, you are carving a path for the Great American ” Vergangenheitsbewältigung”…
    Yup, we are not alone in this struggle! The past and present are not detached… let’s understand the past so we can make the future better!

  • Pratt Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Multilingual people know what he’s talking about.

  • Beatriz Alister Hartmann 2 weeks ago

    Baby!!!!! Such a cute human being

  • T Z 2 weeks ago

    The Between the Scenes clips are the best.

  • Gerardo Amador 2 weeks ago

    Same here, I’m Mexican but what influenced me was watching British and Australian shows, lots of cowboy movies and then when I entered to work I started to interact with Filipinos, Germans, Americans, Koreans, Hungarians, etc. My coworkers mock me and warn me to not imitate accents but they don’t understand that it comes out naturally, the least thing I want is to put in jeopardy my job security.

  • cocoa 2 weeks ago

    Someone likes my posts

  • 3angels Ikabod 2 weeks ago

    Do an update interview with yr grandma. Loved her!

  • Jade Bennet 2 weeks ago

    I grew up in a household of journalists so I learned how to express my opinion at an early age but whenever I tried to argue with my mom it’s “disrespect”

  • A O 2 weeks ago

    I always have problem with fast food employees.
    Me. you forgot butter for my breakfast I just ordered.
    Employee, water?
    Me. No…. BUTTER not WATER,
    Then employee handed to me a glass of water,
    Me. No mam I need couple of small butter pack like your half and half milks,….. BUUUTTTTERR with B not W.
    Finally I have the butters, but my already cold pancakes are turned to ice cold pancakes and unable to melt my “WATTERS.”

  • Morgan Cepero 2 weeks ago

    WHO are these sad people disliking this video??

  • Nate Wap 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry to bring this up… But who else takes extra satisfaction by skipping the “Drumph war machine channels” that buy time, before joyfully viewing the polar opposite of that POS !?

  • Delsa Joseph 2 weeks ago

    That Haitian accent was on point tho 😂 🤣 🤣. so true too… I went to Haiti once and forgot to speak English as soon as I step inside the airport 😂 🤣

  • Boostedvette 2 weeks ago

    Trevor a piece of shit liberal propagandist

  • james d 2 weeks ago

    I had the opposite experience my mother made her children be well spoken so when we were with our friends we had to change our accents or else we were “white”.

  • Andres Baquerizo 2 weeks ago

    I need strengthen my roots and learn quechua.

  • dok nox 2 weeks ago

    Was this supposed to be funny? I feel like I just got a lecture from my black english muslim uncle on christmas. Wtf

  • Lynnie Ly 2 weeks ago

    Put up the volume

  • rpbsjy 2 weeks ago

    I can totally relate to this. Only sometimes you get caught out and the person thinks you are patronizing them.

  • Medz Valera 2 weeks ago

    “Good Trevor he never forgotten his roots” 😇😇😇

  • Keys Jackson 2 weeks ago

    To the 33 or so people…why would you thumbs down this video? Explain


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