Trevor & Tressie McMillan Cottom Talk R. Kelly – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Funky monkey 3 years ago

    I cant be the only one who thinks Trevor is hot?

  • The Bee 3 years ago

    First ??

  • anotinette cargill 3 years ago

    I just love him ?

  • Nicole C. Jones 3 years ago

    Thanks for this! It was hard for me to explain this same thing to others.

  • Star Cherry 3 years ago

    You damn right. Stop sexualising children and normalising grown adults fucking kids

  • Khaled Moslimany 3 years ago

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  • Raven Claw 3 years ago

    Black girls need more love and appreciation!!!! ????

  • Michelle Clark 3 years ago

    Two words. Olsen Twins.
    Sexualising kids is a thing that’s been happening for many, many decades. The evil is RKelly. The only people I’ve heard say otherwise is within the black community sadly …

  • Tories Out 3 years ago

    Black teens are perceived by others as looking older than their age. This partly explains why girls are sexualised earlier by older men and boys are viewed as threats.

  • aziza khalid 3 years ago

    Sudanese people are dying
    please let the world know about our suffering..
    the police is killing unarmed people !!!

  • aziza khalid 3 years ago

    Sudan is dying ??????
    Please help us and let the world hear our voices..
    People are getting killed for protesting peacefully against the outrageous rises in bread and gas prices, the police is using real bullets against unarmed children and women ..

  • Lonnie Johnson, Sr. 3 years ago

    Folks – No one is after the ‘female’ population. The issue here is the the community has been over sexualized internally and externally.

    I recall watching BET when I first came to America – nothing but SEX. It was cool back then. Now we have reality shows coupled with over sexed themes.

    Conversely, ‘Men’ are poor leaders within the community. We fall for the trappings of faux ‘power’. R Kelly and others only exist because the community allows for their existence.

    In total, let’s stop focusing on the externals of people as highlighted by other comments. Rather, hold folks to account on their merit and intellectual abilities – A Good Society.

    Once we remove ourselves from a overly sexualized mindset, we can promote a better society based on merit and intelligence. Until then, the movie continues!

  • Grizzle Bear Gruff 3 years ago

    Black children deserve protection.
    The fact that it needs saying is disgusting. But the fact remains that “Black children need and deserve protection,” is something that needs to be screamed at the top of every decent person’s lungs.


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