Trevor & Pro Gamer Ninja Play Fortnite on Mixer | The Daily Show

Published on October 6, 2019

If you played Fortnite this week, you may have been playing against Trevor Noah and pro gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins during their stream on Mixer. #fortnite #ninja #mixer #thedailyshow



  • A. Jag 9 months ago

    Why are people hating on this? This is cool

  • Daniel lampas 9 months ago

    I like this…

  • King Luke Games 9 months ago

    Bring in LazarBeam next!!!!

  • Sir Banana The 3rd 9 months ago

    Trevor. Please anything but ninja and fortnite.

  • Gyanankur Patgiri 9 months ago

    yep..thats what playin fortnite relates to
    ….cooling down ur kids temper so that they dont choke u in ur sleep XD

  • WBWhiting 9 months ago

    1 hour 1 minute: “You need to drop your bandages for the gun.”
    That’s right, in Fortnight you choose between the Second Amendment and Healthcare. This game is all about the hard-hitting political realities of today’s America.

  • SquaredSpekz - Connor Ellis 9 months ago

    Trevoh should just chill and build with some bricks in Minecraft instead of playing Fortnite with vanilla sellout boy.

  • Jonathan Sauceda 9 months ago

    This is the equivalent of giving someone laxitives and sealing their ass shut

  • Adam White 9 months ago

    you can see how that ninja guy hates to loose hahah

  • Ollie Koallie 9 months ago

    I don’t know why, bc I don’t have a direct issue w ninja, but every time a talk show invites him on I stop seeing that show the same. I feel like it’s just weird to have a show that is aimed mostly at like 25-45 year olds and invite on someone that is mostly known only by children and teens. Nothing wrong with it, just seems very out of touch with their audience.

  • yuval bar-on 9 months ago

    Yes. More of this please. Trevor is at his best when he isn’t scripted, and I wanna see him play more games

  • Alessandro Busca 9 months ago

    Trevor should play GTA 5.

  • The Fantastic Paul 9 months ago

    Now nobody start any rumors that Ninja had sex with Trevor Noah, okay? Ninja loves his wife, and it would completely destroy their relationship, if someone told her that Ninja was sleeping around. Please, think of Ninja’s wife. She could die.

  • TeaCupTeddyBear 9 months ago

    Man trevor kills me lol
    They threw them in with no direction at all ????

  • Fawn Frauscht 9 months ago

    Twitch TV and all their bots disliked this video ?????

  • evosonic 9 months ago

    “This is the content you guys subscribed for, truely. Day in and day out…” No i didnt….. Fuck fortnite.

  • Susan George 9 months ago

    Although I hate Fortnite, this doesn’t make me lose respect for Trevor. I just want to warn him that Ninja gets very salty sometimes.

  • Quamdeen Eniola 9 months ago

    Can someone tell me why people hate ninja

  • sakurakeys 9 months ago

    trevor noah for guest grumps….?


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