Trevor Noah Wants to Interview You on The Daily Show Set | Omaze

Published on December 5, 2019

Trevor wants to interview YOU right here on The Daily Show set! Plus, you’ll get to sit in on our writers’ room, observe the production day and watch a taping from VIP seats.
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  • ジュン 6 months ago


  • serenity s 6 months ago


  • sanjuansteve 6 months ago

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  • Tarotapy 6 months ago

    Sooo ?…me next

  • Andi amo 6 months ago

    I want to interview Trevor and ask him why he sold out to Hillary Clinton….a woman who’s husband gave us mass incarceration, AFTER SHE WAS MENTORED BY A KKK GRAND CYCLOPS.

  • M Im 6 months ago

    Travoer: its interview for charity
    Me : oh it’s a date

  • Nerd And Geek 6 months ago

    But– Why?

  • Andi amo 6 months ago

    such a shame….it really is.

  • Grayfox 6 months ago

    Let’s make teaching great again !…… in Africa

  • ashraqat elghannam 6 months ago

    I wish but im 13

  • Lacy Pardee 6 months ago

    Fml. I was literally talking to my dad about how it’s my dream to go see him when this was posted. I prayed you didn’t have to be 18. You do. I mean I’ve seen most videos on here and when my comment was highlighted in a video I cried (tears of joy obviously). I mean life has been a real bitch to me and something as small as my comment highlighted made me cry. I love him so much. I also was so mad at my mom when she went to see him without me. She brought me back a sweatshirt and I wear it all the time. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.

  • Priscilla Jimenez 6 months ago

    I wanna try those sausages! ??

  • Joseph Richardson 6 months ago

    I’m going to enter and if I’m picked I’m only talking about Andrew Yang and questioning you why you haven’t endorsed him yet.

  • Veena C 6 months ago

    Umm Trevaaa, you wouldn’t want to know me

  • Jathira M 6 months ago

    I entered because Trevor is one of the few people in the world I would get on an airplane for just to meet him. Also I genuinely have opinions I wish to share.

  • Zazo Dream 6 months ago

    YOU FOUND A WINNER ALREADY! I didnt get to apply?

  • Maikito Official 6 months ago


  • ルシウスLucius 6 months ago

    T_T unfortunately it is not available in my country…

  • Shamrock 6 months ago

    Damn what a sales pitch alright trevor I’m in

  • Shannon Stone 6 months ago

    I would give my left breast to hang out with Trevor


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