Trevor Noah Invites You (and Donald Trump) to The Daily Show // Omaze

Published on January 14, 2020

Trevor Noah’s giving one lucky winner the chance to be interviewed by him after a taping of The Daily Show. That winner could be you. It could also be the President of the United States.
Every donation supports the Trevor Noah Foundation’s Education Changemakers program.

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  • SD2018 3 years ago

    Anybody that can fill me in on this?

  • alexio 3 years ago


  • The Random Show 3 years ago

  • Just Here 3 years ago

    I love to donate Trevor but I have no connection to dollar B/c iam from Ethiopia
    What can I do to deserve to be interviewed by you

  • teresa lopes 3 years ago

    Imagine if he comes ????
    Your visa will be canceled my love ????

  • causette pernelle 3 years ago

    Omaze is not available in Belgium ?????????????

  • delonix regia 3 years ago

    Trevor Noah

    Why are you asking money in the USA ? Don’t you have a job ? Don’t they pay you ? Enjoy.

    South Africa is rich. Africa is rich.
    Rich in people and resources .
    What Africa needs is people that believe In us . Africans.
    You don’t need to go and beg abroad.
    This country still can feed you.

    Africa is not looking for another charity foundation, Africa is looking for people that believe in Africa.

  • C. Ray 3 years ago

    Who was the last Omaze winner?

  • Trent Samael 3 years ago

    I wish i could but i don’t have a passport,your biggest fan in the islands of Philippines ??

  • C. Ray 3 years ago

    “-Hang with Trevor Noah and sit down for a one-on-one interview with him after a taping of The Daily Show (your friend can cheer you on from the audience!)
    -Sit in on the writers’ room as they prep for the show and take home a copy of that day’s script signed by Trevor (the script’s just for you)
    -Have lunch with the show’s staff, correspondents and crew, plus play with The Daily Show dogs
    -Watch Trevor’s take on the day’s most newsworthy topics from VIP seats
    -Be flown out to New York and put up in a 4-star hotel”

  • Rebecca Meyer 3 years ago

    Holy crap if he actually came on I would watch it over and over, as it would get funnier each time

  • johnny rainbolt 3 years ago

    This comment is for Trevor himself. I understand Africa is full of potential and deserves education. However here in the u.s. we have conspiracy theorists trump as president and people who think the world is flat. So I think I could make a pretty good argument on how the u.s. just may need it more. Education should be a fundamental human right.

  • cristian dl cruz 3 years ago

    There is always a catch aint it

  • carlos roldanching 3 years ago

    je je je, you rock guys

  • Rubin lopez 3 years ago

    Trev let’s raise some money for the koalas, I’m doing a fund raiser & want to give the funds I raise to good source. You are that source!

  • Clara L 3 years ago

    I don’t get why people disliked this

  • Throw money at me 3 years ago


  • PeachesCourage 3 years ago

    Did you see the Piers Morgan Good Morning Britain argument regarding whether Megan Markle was suppressed due her race? Morgan was debating this on the program not letting the person who very much needed to speak regarding the topic He did so he says due she was also attacking the media and or news as well. However if your not afraid of critics why tape a mouth that only wants to express everything that a possible reasonable person needs to say ? Something was very fishy although why and to me there’s nothing worse than Not Letting That Person Speak OK? No matter what side your on !!!! Nothing is worse to me why pretend you care if you won’t hear the whole issue”? ( White is Light and Black is black? Britain is an old dead ruler and Markle left the dead behind ok? The Brits might want to make it look good according to Peirs anyway All knowing just isn’t on the roster ok? Damn that made me mad !) ( Oh by the by you cannot comment on Good Morning Britain is it they want us to watch them ? Or is it they cannot be wrong? Be sure to stuff your comments uh ummmmm? Hmmm Up your nose? ) rubber hoses make you live yeah
    no matter what there is nothing that erks me more than something like this !

  • TripperHole 3 years ago

    Why are you spaming all this shit?

  • cynthia van teylingen 3 years ago

    if trump would be crazy / brave enough to show up at a daily show interview i would be so suprised and laugh my head of. cause trevor interviewing him would be so funny.


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