Trevor Noah EVISCERATES the Civility Argument | The Daily Show

Published on June 26, 2018

Conservatives demand “civility” in an attempt to silence critics of the Trump administration, and Trevor points out that calls for civility tend to come from people in positions of privilege.



  • EliteHunting1911 2 years ago

    Says the party that hates gays, immigrants, blacks and other minorities. What a load of bullshit lol.

  • Tom vikson 2 years ago

    lol , Nelson Mandela was a terrorist , before he became a peaceful politicians , blowing stuffs up and organized violent crimes , if that isnt terrorism , I dont know what is . Actually it is a fact that Nelson Mandela was registered as a terrorist in American terrorist watch lists , up until 2008.

  • Darcy James 2 years ago

    Here’s the thing. Government officials are voted in by the people FOR the people! If our government officials don’t listen to the people I think we have the right (considering everyone is obsessed with rights and laws) to yell at you to make sure you are listening especially when we tell you that just like we voted you in we can vote you out. Isn’t that the right the troops gave us? The freedom of speech..

  • GOAWAY 2 years ago

    you are not funny -fkn loser

  • The Lemming 2 years ago

    Support the death of humanity

  • Kevin The Bold 2 years ago

    It’s not about politics… it’s about Trump’s Republicans deconstruction of American democracy. Voter suppression, Kavanaugh, illegal activities enough to warrant indictments and convictions. They are protesting the criminal mob that is taking America into facism.

  • Idahosuz 2 years ago

    Trevor needs to ask Meghan markle to introduce him to some eligible women (like her).

  • steve Howell 2 years ago

    In 10 years no one in the USA will even know who this liberal blow hard is. He is about as funny as a car wreck.just another blow hard liberal hack. Go back to SA and STFU.

  • Anna Rushlau 2 years ago

    Sarah Fuckabee Sanders…

  • Navy Blue 2 years ago

    More of Trevor pls brother is owning

  • roni lee 2 years ago

    suck it up, buttercup

  • Dean Angel 2 years ago

    When public servants fail to serve the public the public should be able to refuse service to officials. I’ve seen restaurants with signs stating the right to refuse anyone.

  • 15 seconds of truth 2 years ago

    I’m betting little South Africa got his pussy ass kicked on a daily basis

  • Parker Avery 2 years ago

    I remember when a towtruck driver abandoned a sick woman in a broken down car because of her Bernie sticker…..

  • Mookthilda King 2 years ago

    How was this not peaceful and civil? If they’d thrown the food at them, I would’ve agreed that it’s not cool but just being told to leave?

    Also, would’ve loved to hear a celebrity use the same rhetorics and see how much backlash they would get from their fans. You’re a public figure, deal with it.

  • Shahrin Islam 2 years ago

    I rather not have any tooth not even use dentures than going to a dentist like Miller….. loved the thought of billy “I want the smurfette to be our senate, that’s how blue America I want to see this election” shit I been thinking about this ever since Donald trump became president I would rather liked Donald Duck to be our president lolzzzz


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