Trevor Doesn’t Buy Senator Orrin Hatch’s Defense of Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show



  • Eric Brinkman 2 years ago

    470 people still can’t deal with reality…

  • Lose Malei 2 years ago

    To mention Brett together with Cosby is ?‍♀️

  • 69LOLIN 2 years ago

    Some ppl live in denial about their issues, as when an alcoholic says he/she is not an alcoholic. It is also called a “blindspot”. They can’t truely even see it.
    E. g. DJT

  • Walter Williams 2 years ago

    There’s you then there’s your internet search history. But i will bet all Hatch’s search history is BBW’s in petticoats

  • chochonero341 2 years ago

    Serial killers are sometimes family men. They have wives, kids, a home but have that side that no one knows except for their victims. Why would sexual predators, harassers be any different.

  • Funky .Monk 2 years ago

    If criminals were obvious…

  • Cynthia Smith 2 years ago

    Ford an Kavanaugh probably need some type counseling Ford for the trauma she experience from her youth, Kavanaugh for being raised a ownly child some what spoiled, so whatever the out come, we the people can not be divided.. .

  • Yugan Dali 2 years ago

    0:33 I love that EXIT sign over his head.

  • Yes I’m Blessed 2 years ago

    Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife and EVERYONE thought he was this wonderful, kind man. Including, at first, Laci’s mother.

  • Donald Roberts 2 years ago

    It’s interesting to watch someone who has limited experience with American culture slowly start to understand that white conservatives from America are, and have always been, irreconcilably FULL OF SHIT

  • Faith Duruamaku 2 years ago

    OMG ?, Trevor is hilarious ?????

  • EnderZ13 2 years ago

    We need to make that phrase a thing – “Skeletons on the porch.” It should be the damning tweets you posted 5 years ago and then deleted but other people had already screen-capped.

  • J Globetrotter 2 years ago

    SO TRUE.
    I knew my best friend’s boyfriend as a nice guy and considered him my friend too, we hung out almost every weekend. I would have described him as a kind person. It wasn’t until a year and a half later that I learned about the drugs, alcohol abuse, and cheating. Days after my friend broke up with him, he was posting months old pictures of himself with the girl he’d been cheating with, and several other break ups occurred among my acquaintances as it came out a couple of other girls had cheated with him. Yuck. Some assholes are good at pretending to be decent.

  • queenbeethatme100 2 years ago

    Republicans would not act so shitty if every American against them and Trump would organize and follow through with boycotts.

    Congress gets scared when civil protests affect the stock market.

  • Natalee Steele 2 years ago

    Valid points

  • Isha Sachdeva 2 years ago

    People like living in DENIAL.

  • Ants vtrova 2 years ago

    A comedian.

  • Maitreyee Deshpande 2 years ago

    He connects so well with the audience.

  • FrostScience 2 years ago

    Dems, the ONLY way to win is to vote and get others to vote. VOTE

  • Mary Ann Farley 2 years ago

    Trevor…you have truly found your voice on this show. In the beginning, I sensed you felt pressured to be funny as Jon was, but in being more serious sometimes, your comedy is now flowing. Wonderful to witness.


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