Tragedy: COVID contracts Joe Rogan

Published on September 3, 2021

Hot Take covers the shocking, pro-life victory in Texas, Joe Rogan’s COVID cocktail, and Afghan refugees voting blue with MSNBC Host of ‘The Cross Connection’ Tiffany Cross.

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Clip air date 9/2/2021

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  • Leroy Worsley 2 years ago

    Tiffany Cross is Pretty & Smart! Her Parents should be Proud.

  • Christopher Roberts 2 years ago

    She just said the virus is getting smarter??? WTF

  • Penny Lane 2 years ago

    I didn’t know Afghans could vote in the American midterms.

  • Taylor Silverthorne 2 years ago

    Joe Rogan can be pretty intelligent but the whole “I’m in my 50s but I’m still acting like a cool 25 year old” act needs to stop. It’s old. You have a family and a lot of people you are responsible for. Time to quit partying and being pompous you had your decades of fun.

  • directfunebru 2 years ago

    Is it a loss if antivaxxers die of covid?

  • Kelly T 2 years ago

    Get money out of your American politics…no more bribes and all your scummy politicians from both parties will slither off to more lucrative jobs

  • Anonymous Hippopotamus 2 years ago

    Rogan received what’s known as the “trumpt up trickle down treatment “…

  • AmericanMonster49 2 years ago

    Send all those “babies” too the “Supreme Justices” to raise and care for those rapist babies; or too the churches that advocate to “victims” of rape to keep them. I bet they will change those laws very quickly and vote in favor of Roe Vs. Wade….I bet you a dollar.

  • Merle Tempête 2 years ago

    This terrible news style cartoons. Will this change again? I want to see Stephen Colbert again.

  • AmericanMonster49 2 years ago

    The Virus will “Penetrate you”!!!!

  • Armando Mercado 2 years ago

    Next, moral squads to enforce christian sharia law.

  • M P 2 years ago

    Never ever vote for any Republikkkan anywhere at any level at anytime for any reason whatsoever !

  • Jon Pais 2 years ago

    If we had a worm epidemic, conservatives would be refusing to take Ivermectin.

  • wtf_ usa 2 years ago

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised about the abortion law ruling. It was practically a done deal when the GQP jammed Amy Coney Barrett on to the Supreme Court 3 weeks before rhe election. The time to make a fuss was then. Good luck getting it changed now. It’s frustrating the Dem’s are so weak when it comes to fighting things like this. They are still playing by rules like decency & telling the truth. The GQP clearly are not. You can’t win any fight like that.

  • Addie Alexander 2 years ago

    Do women know when they are pregnant by six weeks? I guess if they check. Anti-Choice people are ignorant, judgemental, and hate women, period, end of.


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