Tracy Morgan Drops Some Serious COVID-19 Wisdom

Published on May 15, 2020

James Corden connects with the great Tracy Morgan, safe with his family in quarantine. After talking about perspective after surviving a horrific car accident in 2014. And after, Tracy has some direct words about how it’s easy to take the most fundamental things for granted. And Tracy talks about voicing Captain Caveman in “Scoob!”

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  • Izuku Midoriya 11 months ago

    Greetings, it is I, Izuku Midoriya

  • coco slimes 11 months ago

    First 2 watch it all no bragging what so ever

  • 1D & Little mix 11 months ago

    Is that guy from littleman

  • please subscribe 2 me 11 months ago

    Luv u cordon James 💕💕

  • Min Roaa 11 months ago

    او ماي جد

  • TEEJAY TV DUBAI 11 months ago

    Why are you liking this comment for no reason

  • Bakugo Z 11 months ago

    This comment section is dry

  • Enrique Zavala 11 months ago

    I love your show so much I wana make my own can I be in your show

  • JOAN PEREZ ESTRUCH 11 months ago

    Dear James Corden I love your tv show

  • Salwa Anindya 11 months ago

    james : upload 20 seconds ago
    everyone in the comments : fISRTttTTt

  • Thanh Mai 11 months ago

    Hats off to all the medical professionals in hospitals everywhere saving lives everyday. God bless 🙌💯🙏

  • The Wealth Generator 11 months ago

    At least *Wal-Mart* is still open

  • patricia bennett 11 months ago

    James is an excellent interviewer. This guy Tracy is good to survive his accident.He is great to show his gratitude to his doctors and his nurse Jackie. Just shows how brave and resilient he is. Yes be kind and compassionate to everyone. My friends daughter works with children suffering from cancer and my admiration is immense for her and all medical staff over world and others who are all committed.God will get us through and we will improve our lives for the better.Much love and happiness. Thank you so very much.

  • Ayad Ali 11 months ago

    🤲🤲🤲Shit! This is one emotional interview if I’ve ever seen one especially on this show or any show! Maybe one of the most emotional interviews if not the most emotional interview I’ve ever seen conducted! I’ve seen this passionate side of Tracy Morgan here and there especially after that horrific accident six years ago but damn, this takes the cake! I’ve learned some stuff I didn’t know about like Jimmy Mack passing in that accident and where the last OG came from because Jimmy Mack was his OG! Amen to Tracy Morgan and may he live a long and healthy life to keep us laughing through times like the ones we’re living in currently!🙏🙏🙏

  • pornanyone 11 months ago

    The hair

  • Acemums 282 gam 11 months ago


  • Cbreazy27 11 months ago

    Shots out to his barber. Damn i miss my barber

  • M F Q 11 months ago

    Bless him. ❤️ awww

  • محمد مهدی نژاد قاسم 11 months ago

    I.R.IRAN😁😀🇮🇷🇮🇷SIA AND MADDIE😘😗😘😗😍😍بیار


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