Tracee Ellis Ross Took COVID-19 Protection to a New Level on an Airplane

Published on May 11, 2021

Tracee Ellis Ross shares her experience getting her COVID-19 vaccine, explains what precautions she took during the pandemic and reminisces about the longevity of her show Black-ish. 

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  • A N 1 year ago

    Don’t like her at all, never did.

  • Heather Miller 1 year ago

    Love me some Tracee 🥰🥰🥰

  • Barry Lyndon 1 year ago

    Seth only loves people who are millionaires

  • H Soko 1 year ago


  • Claudia Miller 1 year ago

    Refreshing…thank you!

  • rpavlik1 1 year ago

    “vaccination hope wafting through the air” – hopefully that’s the only thing wafting through the air there… Feel like he dropped the ball on that, she teed it up for him and he let it fall. 🤦🤣

    Also so relatable. I didn’t have to travel but I totally would have bought a PAPR helmet if I did.

  • h7opolo 1 year ago

    the personification of “extra”.

  • Carolyn Smith 1 year ago

    Getting the vaccine is a great relief.

  • Dyferent 1 year ago

    Everything she said…I feel seen

  • brie sullivan 1 year ago

    Oh, I very much relate to being very locked down, in my fear, and having a very hard time dropping in to meditation this year.
    It’s never “easy”… That’s the whole practice… But it was very hard to get past the anxiety. I really appreciate this and so relate to being nervous about opening back up and needing to go slow and continuing to double mask. Thanks for the genuine authenticity and for sharing honestly Tracee and Seth!
    Also, I really appreciated Tracee’s not taking herself to seriously in joking about her whole life being a walking meditation now that her meditation space was being used for Covid safe indoor space. I love people who are on this meditation/yoga path that know how to laugh at themselves. I see your respect for the practice and roll my eyes along with you for those moments we or others take it way too seriously ego wise. Haha… 💕 Best and most genuine pandemic interview I’ve seen in a while! 🙌🏻

  • Shay Boogie 1 year ago

    Helmet, double mask, AND a portable air filter? That was soooooo much for a plane ride!!! 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅

  • Nat Wallis 1 year ago

    Well that was an interesting interview. It was good to see that perspective of someone so worried about covid and what they did to protect themselves. To me its way over the top but each to their own I think. You want to triple mask, no problem. You dont want to mask that is fine too. Some are worried and some are not. But was interesting to see the genuine relief that they got from the vaccine.

  • Annie 1 year ago

    The passengers thought ‘Dark Vader’ boarded the plane and they were headed to a place no man has gone before.🤣🤣🤣

  • Paula, Negan's NEW Lucille 1 year ago

    Ms. Tracee is soo FABULOUS!

  • Jane Wilson 1 year ago

    I’m surprised she could breath! Lol…but I totally get it!

  • GNiessen 1 year ago

    I’ll be wearing similar before I get on an airplane these days.

  • jbt PA 1 year ago

    The few places that I go(retired) I feel like I’m blabbering if I talk to people. I have lost my social skills, it’s unsettling.

  • Michael Mickelsen 1 year ago

    The show writers need a driving class. 10 and 2 with air bags could break your arms and cause severe burns.

  • Dee Dee 1 year ago

    When I received my vaccinations, I was full of pride. Although I’m a retired RN, BSN, I took great pride in being associated with the medical & scientific communities, AND my City, my County, my State did a phenomenal job at making vaccinations a well-organized & easy to obtain event. I was in & out in ~1 hr, which included waiting in the parking lot for 15 min to make sure I had no reaction to the vaccinations. Bravo everyone, Bravo! I’m also at high risk, so my anxiety level has also been quite high since COVID19 started. During the interview, I couldn’t help wondering how Ms. Ellis Ross’ Mom, Diana Ross, was doing; she is just a little older than me. I hope she is well.

  • Jacqueline Barrett 1 year ago

    Wow, Traci said it. The biggest takeaway from the last year is compassion for others & ourselves.

  • Richard Parsley 1 year ago

    Love this interview
    Tracee is just too awesome – correct attitude and all!

  • Darlene V. Robinson 1 year ago


  • New Message 1 year ago

    My ‘Meditation room’ is the bathroom. Like NORMAL people.

  • t clarke 1 year ago

    Love her….

  • Kate 1 year ago

    That might be good practice in normal times for flying – pre-pandemic I almost never fly, but when I did I always got sick…

  • Kayla Blanton 1 year ago

    I have had anxiety with covid to the point where I began counseling, which has helped a lot. I lost my Papaw to covid in July 2020. You look at this virus with a different set of eyes when you have lost someone you love so much to something so horrible. I am only 31 but I do not want any part of covid, no-thank-you.

  • A w 1 year ago

    Does anyone know what kind of plant it is in the background? Looks beautiful

  • Polly Tiks 1 year ago

    So relieved someone else goes through those emotions after being out.

  • Dylan Mackowetzky 1 year ago

    I can’t hear a single word over those ridiculous earrings…..

  • Harly Barintnall 1 year ago

    I guess I need to bust out nana’s eyeshadow

  • Sophia Fried 1 year ago


  • Rowan Lees 1 year ago


  • Ethan Spiro 1 year ago

    If I found a lamp with genie in it…I think i’d truly end up wasting a whole entire wish on being best friends with Tracee.

  • Shine baby shine 1 year ago

    I adore her 🌼

  • roberta clark 1 year ago

    She’s so genuinely funny, so natural, so beautiful, just delightful⚘ Love her💕😻💘😻

  • Brian Barrows 1 year ago

    Tracee Ellis Ross is now my favorite person. Sorry Seth.

  • steve holt 1 year ago

    is this a dude?

  • Erik 1 year ago

    Wow that was tiring. Get a bit of perspective. sheesh

  • Katla - Public Health Communicator 1 year ago

    If you double mask, don’t put the n95 (or kn95 in Traci’s picture) on the outside. That’s the one you want “sealed” against your skin as it is the more effective one. A cloth mask or surgical mask can go over it, which will catch larger particles and increase the longevity of the n95 mask.

  • TighelanderII 1 year ago

    Tracee Ellis Ross is so radiant!


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