Tracee Ellis Ross – “Mixed-ish” and Pattern Beauty | The Daily Show

Published on September 12, 2019

Actor and “Mixed-ish” producer Tracee Ellis Ross talks about growing up in the ‘80s, embracing her multiracial identity, and launching her hair care brand, Pattern Beauty.



  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Wait she’s the one who created Black-ish and Grown-ish? I have seen a bit of both and I love them. I’d binge watch that fully if I got a chance. Also no lie I didn’t even know she was daughter of Diana Ross I loved her music and I heard Michael Jackson looked up to her and since I am a major MJ fan of course I listened to her music as well. But going back shes amazing! And proper hair care products? Thank God! I have just been using Head and Shoulders but I am honestly not sure if that’s for me. I mean it’s not hurting my scalp or anything but I have always wanted to go with a hairstyle and I don’t think Head and Shoulders is helping much with that dream. Does she have a site we can check out her products?

  • Yolee Rodriguez-Ray 1 year ago

    I’m Latina and have naturally curly hair so yes, I feel that part about not using the shampoo at hotels. That shit will f up my hair something awful. ???

  • T Eye 1 year ago

    I love her so much.

  • Sound Sorcerer 1 year ago

    Great interview Trevor. Tracey Elis does an amazing job on BLACKISH, it’s really such an amazing show that covers such a wide array of topics in a nuanced way. If you guys haven’t seen it, check it out on Hulu! If Mixed-ish has the same caliber of writers as on Black-ish, it’s going to be just as good… Because Grown-ish is questionable.

    Shameless self plug. I have few Black-ish reviews on my channel and intend to cover Mixed-ish regularly. Check me out if you got some time.

  • Osmosis Jones 1 year ago

    If standards of Beauty are are Patriarchal . How the we know more men to incels. . You do know . Titanic was based on the true events while the Handmaids Tales is a work of Fiction

  • 5%LowBattery 1 year ago

    So a whole show of this? Bow Flashback To Growing Up | Blackish Really?

  • pnhnut 1 year ago

    Wow she has her mothers beautiful smile and fabulous larger than life personality

  • Bradley Engeldinger 1 year ago

    Sounds like a metaphor for how heterosexual culture intersects with LGBTQ youth…ur to fem, ur to masc, u aren’t gay…u dont seem like the ones I see on tv.

  • Tim Bumgarner 1 year ago

    That’s her daughter! Didn’t know

  • Emma Unique 1 year ago

    True role-model who embraces her naturality and spreads the message.

  • SWIM!DOWN! X 1 year ago

    So femisim is really about incels who can’t meet the Patriarchy’s standards of beauty. And male choice & selection

  • Star Child skull 1 year ago

    She’s Defeating Creepy discusting females. If we give women power .males won’t have a choice

  • Evaney B 1 year ago

    I just adore her??

  • Patricia A 1 year ago

    I want Tracee Ellis Ross to sell me everything.

  • TheNuyorker 1 year ago

    I knew I would enjoy these two together before I watched

  • Suraj Meet 1 year ago

    @The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ?I LOVE TRACEE ELLIS ROSS SO MUCH❤

  • Dee Johnson 1 year ago

    I was her biggest fan as a kid seen her on the 4 train in NYC I whisper to her can I get your autograph standing across from her she shook her head no i was thinking maybe she didn’t hear me then i asked again she answered no again ? now i see why she’s so good at her roles i like her mother better anyways? guess thats why she’s riding the train????

  • Rebecca Barry 1 year ago

    It’s a universal. Women always want their hair to be different. I have wavy hair. I always wanted curly or straight hair and hated my natural hair. I permed, straightened, etc. I burned my scalp to achieve these looks. I wish young girls could embrace their unique beauty.

  • Genia Foster 1 year ago

    I love everything she stands for

  • Johannes Klohse 1 year ago

    It’s interesting how in America everything is apparently more or less about race. In Europe we have this devision too, but it is more about nationality, less about skincolor. For example, when you are mixed in America you will be considered as “black”, but when you’re mixed in a big city in western Germany you will be considered as “German” (not white, neather black). BUT if you are pure dark black they will more likely asume that you’re African, not German. It’s not so much about blood or color, but what people think where you were born and to wich culture you belong.


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