Top Pence Aide Warned Secret Service That Trump Would Turn on Pence: A Closer Look

Published on June 6, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Mike Pence’s former chief of staff warning the Secret Service that Trump may put Pence’s physical safety at risk before the attempted coup on January 6.

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  • fm9572 10 months ago

    “Ted Cruz is the Frank Burns of politics.” – Maj Frank Burns (dec)

  • KEvronista 10 months ago

    pence made a deal with the devil, and his end of the deal turned out to be a catchy chant. “hang mike pence” will be the name of my next band.

  • John Sparrow 10 months ago

    This is the Republicans goal is to make the masses believe one man is responsible for everything. Good or bad. Red good blue bad. In the end one strong man. Goose stepping

  • Sydposting 10 months ago

    Considering millions of people spent hundreds of hours over the past few weeks watching videos about the Depp vs Heard trial — both in live coverage and analysis videos afterward — I have a feeling the primetime “slot” of the hearings is only going to help spread truth and awareness, even if only a buncha “Lefty Nerds” are the only ones watching the live footage. If sports aren’t entertaining you, you can easily switch over to watch lying politicians squirm on the stand!

  • Ian Miller 10 months ago

    Giuliani makes a good cat. Seth’s graphic design artists must have the best job. I certainly would think so!

  • CYNTHIA Mason 10 months ago

    Jason Miller is like the guy who drives a beat up van and trys to lure you in with a bottle of MD 20/20. And, why is he so greasy?

  • Charly Ellis 10 months ago

    I’m disappointed in Dr Oz as a politician and Trump mouth-piece.

  • jeanie bottle 10 months ago

    A young Donald had trouble getting past the windmill on the crazy golf course he attended, he thought it was a four armed monster & he smashed it to pieces with a golf club. They hypnotise you into being nice green energy users & he needs the oil money donations.

  • LincolnTek 10 months ago

    Don’t use the Donald Trump alarm. It only attracts republicans and who wants that, yuk.

  • TBH 10 months ago

    One day, I want a job where I get a week off every time there’s a long-weekend.

  • concorde p 10 months ago

    Dr Oz, like the Wizard… a film flam artist pretending to be something he isn’t!

  • Kelly Mitchell 10 months ago

    I got a block on a tweet with no profanity. Apparently, Dr oz has something where calling him a loser and a failed Dr does not work

  • Trevor Thick 10 months ago

    trump confusing windmills with cats would also explain why he thinks theyre out to kill birds

  • Stephen Hall 10 months ago

    It behooves us to look back at Watergate.Where is the Sam Irvin’s or John Dean? America is Fallen so low!

  • toby palmer 10 months ago

    it’s just weird that the lying is so clearly provable, seems that pointing it out is not making them change because people are just dumb. thank you.

  • robert lee 10 months ago

    Is Putin dead pr ml6.

  • worldrummer 10 months ago

    They’ll do whatever their cult leader says.

  • BLAHBLAHPOCALYSPE? 10 months ago

    Rioters was have caught him.. Mike Pence loves Jesus he should have gone on like a martyr and maybe then people could understand how terrible the Trump Republicans are

  • tommy Mc Weedface 10 months ago

    I know who I’d love to be hanged.

  • masters8610 10 months ago

    I always thought AR stood for asshole Republicans…


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