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Published on June 3, 2020

From the minds behind The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Our Cartoon President, comes Tooning Out The News⁠—an animated variety news series, hosted by larger-than-life anchors. For a hilarious recap of current events and interviews with real-world guests and newsmakers, now streaming only on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

Tooning Out The News is Now Streaming, only on CBS All Access.

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  • Burnt Reynolds 11 months ago

    Cool idea, still not subscribing to CBS.

  • bletheringfool 11 months ago

    Is this available in the UK?

  • Victorious Vehicon 11 months ago

    It’s actually a really cool concept, I’m just wondering if popular broadcasters will do voices.

  • Adam Ryan 11 months ago

    Too bad I would have to subscribe to yet another service to see it. You’d think you’d want people to watch it. Putting it on CBS all access is counter-intuitive.

  • dafttool 11 months ago

    #BunkerBoy #AgolfTwitler is an existential threat to not only America, but to the entire world.

    Come this November,
    *We the People* will remember,
    Who upheld the *Constitution,*
    And who are guilty of corruption.

    We have the numbers,
    And they can’t get any dumber.
    We are taking our country back,
    And bringing back *Math, Science & FACTS.*

    Let’s hope. 🙏
    But better yet, 🇺🇸
    *LET’S VOTE!!* 🗽

    ✊✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 🏳️‍🌈

  • Jai Parwani 11 months ago


  • Set2000 11 months ago

    I’d watch this if I didn’t have to pay extra

  • oliver lopez 11 months ago

    make him unwhite !

  • Jeremy Thelen 11 months ago

    Tooning Out The News is dirty, yet fun. (like a sex dream)

  • Tyler Davis 11 months ago

    When will this be on hulu?

  • New Message 11 months ago

    One day, Our Cartoon President will do an interview with these guys.

    If the real one doesn’t call in and rant for 45 minutes first.

  • BE C 11 months ago

    Toons for our times.

  • Gmail com 11 months ago

    Stephen is a pedophile 👀

    You can delete this comment now, it won’t matter, Q is coming for you😙

  • Edward Claydon 11 months ago

    Anyone else saw the picture and thought they were going to do an animated show with people and cartoons interacting in the same location like a political “who Framed Rodger rabbit?” ?

  • Jeff Davis 11 months ago

    Can’t say anything about the murder of David Dorn?


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