Tooning Out Election 2020 Panel: Trump’s desperate last stand

Published on November 6, 2020

The Tooning Out Election 2020 panel welcomes Define American founder Jose Antonio Vargas for special coverage of the presidential vote count. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 11/6/2020

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  • C C 2 years ago

    There WAS cheating in this election. In reality, Biden won by a larger margin.

    TRUMP interpreter “We were supposed to win because the Ivanka-patented voting machines were hacked in my favor. How on earth can there be more paper ballots for Biden than votes flipped for me by her machines? Stop counting the paper ballots!”

    Early /mailed / absentee ballots100+M (approximately 80M for Biden)
    Election day votes 40-50M

    The race shouldn’t be this close. But Trump can’t reveal his own fraud so he’s just throwing a tantrum.

    Sending in paper ballots and early voting (which hackers can’t hack without being noticed) was the Democrats’ best strategy ever!

  • One love 2 years ago

    “Desperate”, you’ve said it.

  • Stevie Mars 2 years ago

    As soon as trump said “close the poles” I was like why did I vote for this guy I sincerely apologize to everyone he doesn’t understand how the electoral college works nor how to discriminate the word polls from poles

  • Ramon Galvez 2 years ago

    Democrats cheated.

  • BensonVlogs 2 years ago

    Blessed be America.

  • Paul McDonagh 2 years ago

    From an outside perspective, the whole thing is such a fucking joke that I can’t tell the jokes from the truth here. Out of 200 million adults in the US, THIS is what you get to choose from??? Even here in Ireland we have something closer to real democracy and our govt is a joke too.

  • Billy Hoyle 2 years ago

    It’s over! Biden wins Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona!

  • ronald lucero 2 years ago

    Trumpty Dumpty will run his 2024 election run from prison.

  • Karen Kimble 2 years ago

    Loved this.

  • Ricardo S. 2 years ago

    Russia: Putin will resign next year because of he has parkinson.
    USA: Biden will be USA president because of he has amnesia😂😂😂😭!

  • ALBERT EINSTEIN 2 years ago

    **********Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.********

  • SOULID Inc 2 years ago

    I’m from Malaysia, I apologize in advance if my words offends anyone, but for the past 3 days watching the election, Trump’s denial amazes me, its pushing to the max, i mean take it from “Trump’s Steak”, the best steak, but literally everyone know his daily diet shows how he is. Even 2+2 = 4 doesn’t agree with him

  • DrMossydog 2 years ago

    Donny wants openness and transparency. I’m all for it, I’ll tell Joe to add the word “Legal” to “votes” if you show us your taxes.

  • Oh Really 2 years ago

    Haven’t flown my flag for four years but as soon as Biden is announced as the next President, it’s going up.

  • Ravage Gonza 2 years ago

    So, y’all are still gonna be quiet over project veritas vids of ballot harvest or the mailmen in America dumping votes in the trash or parks?
    Y’all are cowards…

  • James Harris 2 years ago

    Looks as if Trump is going to have a low-energy mental meltdown. Good for him. Someone should throw a net over him while he is docile.


    🤣 THEY COULD BE FROM MARS…donny’s team is off the chain

  • Jess Stuart 2 years ago

    99% of voters don’t vote for a candidate, they vote for their tribe.

  • Richard Bunbury 2 years ago

    Lol. Thank you!

  • Christian Ocampo 2 years ago

    They wrote his speech 😂


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