Tommy Orange’s Novel, There There, Is a Favorite of President Obama’s

Published on August 7, 2019

Author Tommy Orange talks about his book making Barack Obama’s list of favorite books, his writing process and exploring the Native American experience through literature.

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  • Benmore Peak 11 months ago

    *‘Students for Trump’ co-founder facing decades in jail after pleading guilty to fraud*

  • Chriss Hess 11 months ago

    XD thumbnail looked like jimmy fallon to me

  • non yo business 11 months ago

    If Tommy orange wrote a pop up book written and drawn in crayon it would make it too trumps top 5 books

  • Heather Sumner 11 months ago

    Such an amazing, powerful book. Tommy Orange is an author with something to say that needs to be heard.

  • Josephdrew Bowersox 11 months ago

    check out the accomplishments of Stacy lane of Pittsburgh’s Central Outreach Wellness center. very very admirable Uban Native Americans.

  • lsaravinda 11 months ago

    Outstanding book. It was interesting to hear Tommy Orange talk about the characters. I want to reread the book now.

  • david fraser 11 months ago

    They forget the book that was long on Trumps bedside table – Mein Kampf. Funny no one ever asks him about


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