Tom Perez – Leading the DNC and Approaching 2020 with a Unity of Purpose | The Daily Show

Published on June 25, 2019

DNC Chair Tom Perez talks about the Democrats’ strategy to win big in 2020, the changes the party made after 2016 and why it’s OK to have so many primary candidates.



  • octoberboiy 1 year ago

    I hope everyone realizes that the DNC will always support the candidate that is establishment. They claim they’re trying to be more fair this year but I seriously doubt it. They support Joe Biden and you’ll see it very soon.

  • Bryan Hikes 1 year ago

    And he dodged that question about bernie. The dnc is terrified of him just like the republicans are. Oh no, hes gonna make my doner money go bye bye! Better not give him any kind of fair chance.

  • Papua 1 year ago

    The DNC is actively working against Bernie Sanders. They are not fair with everyone. Their plans are with Biden, PERIOD!
    Let’s stop the BS, we are watching closely and if Bernie continues to get kicked around, I guarantee that millions of Democrats and independents are not going to vote for no one, including myself and every member of my family. We are staying home the election day.
    All we want is fairness with all progressive candidates, specially Bernie who is getting a rotten deal from the DNC and the media.

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Personally don’t think Biden should take on Trump. As I have seen in the comments that would be a repeat of 2016. Let him focus on major issues. Don’t let the insults stop him from focusing on the major issues

  • Hammond Think 1 year ago

    BULL JIZZLE! unity only if Biden needs it, but never for progressives. DNC and Perez are deeply corrupt! Nice guest Trevor

  • Luebla Blacknell 1 year ago

    Please- the Dems are just like another dysfunctional “family”….Unlike the arrogant/corrupt/racist/ignorant & cowardice repubs- that will stick together… thru “thick & thin”…Dems has too much BS in their camp- & cannot separate it…..& it stinks……

  • Bruno Straub 1 year ago

    Values and what we stand for, fight for opportunities and fairness for everyblablablablabla…
    You should be ashamed to have him on, but what am I saying?
    Trevor is straight on message: “Fall in line!”

  • Bobbie Ebert 1 year ago

    Vote progressive . Democrats suck.

  • RustyTube 1 year ago

    It is good to see that this time around the DNC has a 2020 vision.

  • Tozias Silverfang 1 year ago

    Perez is a strategic hack; the DNC chose the only candidate that could lose to the dumbest person on earth. Don’t trust these corporate shills!
    The only real choice is Sanders! #Bernie2020

  • AL MURBATI LION 1 year ago

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  • Henry Gustav 1 year ago

    Does it really matter if debate is random? most of the candidates are Hillary Clinton superdelegates wonder why sooo many are running hmm?

  • Jimmy Grant 1 year ago

    I don’t trust the dnc after 2016. Bernie 2020 unless you want a repeat of 2016.

  • Raghav T 1 year ago

    Many here have pointed out that DNC isn’t supporting #Bernie.
    Well, I am not exactly well versed with the intricacies of the topic, so can someone please explain (preferably in detail) why it is so? Why is DNC [seemingly] against #Bernie2020 ?

    Also, why do polls rank Biden higher than Bernie, esp. when most people seem to like want Bernie ?

  • Justin Burns 1 year ago

    Unity if it’s not bernie that is ugh

  • maliboo 1 year ago

    Trevor I know this is off topic but, can you please do a story on bgr talking on how God feels that young girls should be married and having children as soon as they have started menstruating please!?
    I’ve known of these since a child but I feel that it rarely gets talked about the large amount of people within this religion who justify grown men raping underage girls because in their sick heads God says it’s what’s right.

  • jdj830 1 year ago

    I hope I’m wrong, but I have a strong suspicion that they’ve already settled on a Biden/Harris ticket and that the primary will be as empty a piece of theater as an election in Russia or China.

    And then – again, I hope I’m wrong – the Biden/Harris ticket will lose to Trump.

    “Safe” candidates have never been safe, from either party. Just ask Romney, Kerry, Dole or Mondale. No one in the RNC wanted Trump, but they let the voters have their say and they won. And there was nothing inevitable or preordained about the victories of Obama or Bill Clinton. The DNC is so afraid of repeating 1972 that they’re willing to risk repeating 2016.

    Though I think the problem is that a lot of Democrats refuse to accept that Hillary lost. They think those 3 million votes matter more than the reality of the Electoral College. They blame all sorts of interference and shenanigans that could easily happen again. And they blame sexism – which makes it all the stranger that they’re now lining up behind a handsy hair-sniffer.

    And Harris isn’t going to help. Her record as prosecutor would draw protests if she were white or male. And she can’t even use that as a selling point because she has to pretend to be progressive so her California constituents won’t turn on her. As a result both centrists and conservatives will think of her as a hypocrite and the heartland voters will see her as a coastal elite. She is no Obama. And it doesn’t matter anyway because no one really votes for a candidate based on their VP pick (but they might vote against him based on their VP pick, which is what happened to McCain.)

    We are heading for disaster- and thanks to Pelosi, we won’t even hold Trump accountable for his crimes.

    Thanks a lot Perez. You’re our only hope for saving this country from itself and you’re blowing it. Hope you’re enjoying your corporate contributions.

  • Hussein Nour 1 year ago

    Another great guest. Loved what he said. Im optimistic.

  • mova kalin 1 year ago

    Hi Trevor, please dedicate a video to what happened to the migrant children interned at the Mexican boarder.

  • Joe 1 year ago

    Tom Perez has such a diplomatic touch; hope the next democrat president appoints him special envoy to the middle east (another thankless job)


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