Tom Cruise on Training for Top Gun

Published on October 19, 2016

Tom reacts to Kenny Loggins playing ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ during his entrance and reveals that this is the first time they have ever met. Tom also recalls vomiting in a jet while training for the movie Top Gun.

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  • Jolly Rancher 2 years ago

    He’s so funny honestly

  • NSTAM 27 2 years ago

    He’s such a badass in every movie he does

  • Cary Nick 2 years ago

    Tom Cruise is one of the greatest actors to ever exist, we all are blessed
    to be alive while he’s at the peak of his acting ability <3

  • eka riski 2 years ago

    hail Xenu!

  • Jonathan 520 2 years ago

    look at all these comments worshipping this absolute nut job

  • Jstn 8156 2 years ago

    This dude is looney

  • corey leary 2 years ago

    Tom Cruise is a certified mad man

  • izzy 2 years ago

    what a mad man..

  • balooko31 2 years ago

    Would be great if Hollywood continued their string of dumb remakes and
    sequels and made Top Gun 2. Tom Cruise plays a washed up fighter pilot who
    is now brainwashed by a cult who believes in aliens and Val Kilmer appears
    as a ghost to try and talk some sense into him. The climax of the movie is
    when they do some pottery together and Tom makes love to Val’s ghost. Then
    the lady Ghostbusters appear and suck Val up in their proton packs. It’s a
    sad movie. I’m pitching it to Steve Spielberg next week.

  • SpymanTIVC 2 years ago

    I swear he never get old

  • Sean Vosler | Increase Academy 2 years ago

    He could play Han Solo…….. look st him and imagine

  • demeko96 2 years ago

    He’s good at telling stories! He’s a bit of a loony too. God I love him :)

  • ConkShow 2 years ago

    Omg tom cruise <3 fist me daddy. Also while I'm here, War of the Worlds 2

  • LockedandLoaded 2 years ago

    thats like the 4th time he tells the story about the Bozo guy in these

  • Juan Chavez 2 years ago

    Tom Cruise seems like a really cool guy

  • Marcus Blixenkrone-Møller 2 years ago

    Tom Cruise is so cool that I can accept the fact that he’s a weirdo

  • Sodiq Ali 2 years ago

    tom effin cruise, great hair bruh

  • NakedFOX 2 years ago

    All these hypocrites in the comments
    “This guy is a looney”
    Oh wow, he once jumped up and down a sofa. And he has a religion. Yes. NO
    ONE in the comments here has done anything so disgraceful and truly
    sickening in their lives. I mean , how do you even live with yourself for
    being a human being with faults and not the perfect sample of super humans
    that everyone on Youtube is?

  • Johnny Valencia 2 years ago

    I can see why Katie Holmes divorced him…

  • Superstar Rajinikanth Fan 2 years ago

    I actually thought Top Gun 2 has already been confirmed…


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