Tom Cruise On His Most Death-Defying Stunts – CONAN on TBS

Published on August 14, 2019

Tom admits that hanging off the side of an Airbus A400M while it was taking off wasn’t the best idea.

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  • Fahad Okami 1 year ago

    i just watched Jerry Maguire and i can honesty say tom needs more romance drama.

  • AlDelVex 1 year ago

    Tom cruise won’t come out of the closet

  • Big Smile 1 year ago

    I thought the title said “Tom Cruise’s most deaths.”

  • qsqzqz 1 year ago

    Let’s make a petition to remake The Revenant with Tom Cruise instead of Dicaprio, Cruise would definitely fight a real bear.

  • CITIZEN KRANG 1 year ago


  • Pete Myers 1 year ago

    Its all special effects he cant even tie his own shoe laces so how can he fly a jet

  • I'm right you're wrong 1 year ago

    Scientology stole Tom Cruise.

  • Mark 1 year ago

    Tom : No

    Absolutely everyone : Why tf you lyin’ ? Why you always lyin’ ?

  • vegeta30000 1 year ago

    the thing i dislike most about Tom is that he’s always so damned concerned about his height. Any time I watch him in interviews I can’t help but notice he’s always squirming because of it. like when he adjusts at 3:09 i can only sense that he is concerned at being lower than Conan. Why not just have these 2 literally just stand next to each other on camera? it’ll never happen. same thing with fallon, they make him look like a midget and im sure its contractually obligated to make sure he looks as tall or big as possible. it’s really sad.

    He is a cool dude though, no doubt. I just wish he’d just flat out own up to his stature.

  • Shadow Heart 1 year ago

    Yes to more Mission movies! Those are awesome and they keep raising the stakes.

  • MarVal 911 1 year ago

    Tom Cruise equals Movie Star!

  • O J M 1 year ago

    Fudge packer

  • xbox627 1 year ago

    He is a weirdo and I don’t want to ever meet him….still… one of the greatest actors of all time….The Last Samurai is my favorite movie

  • jeeeeeeees 1 year ago


    Why do you let him talk, knowing what he is a part of?

  • C-Red 1 year ago

    wow back2back mission impossible films? must be the finale.

  • Tiger Style 1 year ago

    I literally just finished watching MI: Fallout and then this pops up

  • annie ng 1 year ago

    His movies wouldn’t do so well if all those Scientologists stop buying out all his movie tickets and fake hyping him up

  • Loki 1 year ago

    Another 2 MIs?
    Well I bet Henry Cavill’s character survived.

  • Kenny Tee 1 year ago

    *Tom:* I do the most death-defying stunts in the world
    *Jackie Chan:* Hold my Green Tea

  • David Weru 1 year ago

    I’m just trying to get my shirt collection on Tom Cruise’s level. Dude’s been wearing solid colours since birth.


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