Tom Brady Is Foggy on the Trophy Toss

Published on March 2, 2021

James Corden connects with Super Bowl LV MVP Tom Brady who has officially switched gears from quarterback to breakfast chef. James asks Tom about celebrating his 7th Super Bowl win, which included a brave toss of the Lombardi Trophy from boat-to-boat and a bit of sea legs after the parade. And Tom talks about the whole experience of starting a new journey in Tampa Bay that ultimately ended with a championship.

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  • Thomas Purcell 2 years ago

    How’s the covid cash?

  • effect me 2 years ago

    Love you!!!!!

  • James Allen 2 years ago

    I’m a huge packer fan but will be honest..Tom’s stats will never be beaten in our lifetime.

  • sTiCk giRl 2 years ago

    A HaNsOmE mAn

  • Sophie Stylinson 2 years ago

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  • Candace Chan 2 years ago

    he seems like such a chill guy!

  • Ryan Khouri 2 years ago

    I’m in Tampa and it’s so great that we got Tom!! Let’s do it again next year!

  • Eddie Mares 2 years ago

    I love Tom Brady so much. I enjoyed the interview a lot. James love you too.

    Awesomeness all around.

  • Sunset .dreams 2 years ago



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