Today’s Future Now – Virtual Reality Church & Catholic Gaming | The Daily Show

Published on June 1, 2019

Ronny Chieng looks at some of the ways churches are using technology to boost engagement, including virtual baptisms and a Catholic smartphone game.



  • Egor 1 year ago

    ‪“Virtual” doesn’t stand for “unreal”, folks, it means “made with human effort”. Virtual reality is made with human effort reality, virtual baptism is made with human effort baptism i.e. baptism. You can find out about things like this in my Twitter In this particular case virtual baptism makes exact amount of sense as any other kind of baptism provided through any other kind of medium like church or river.

  • zizinnnn 1 year ago

    the Pope is visiting a non-catholic country today and over 150,000 people came out to see him just in one city. He is visiting 3. So it all depends I guess

  • nas taran 1 year ago

    Good God I love this show but with mentioning of John wick blessed now I’m beyond in love with this show

  • Arata Arter 1 year ago

    “That is the most unholy thing I have ever seen” LMAO ????

  • Robin Mathew 1 year ago

    I think they re repel the young away rather than attracting them with technology

  • James Greene 1 year ago


  • Acid Rick 1 year ago

    Why can’t we just let this crappy religion die out already

  • Ignacio Guerrero 1 year ago

    Bring us back? How? We know the Truth.

  • greenuns 1 year ago

    at least the priests won’t be able to molest the kids in VR

  • airwaydude '01 1 year ago

    That MJ joke was too soon Trevor ?

  • Thomas Bowers 1 year ago

    Update the Bible ? No need, just put it in the Fiction section.

  • Carnagelolpvp 1 year ago

    That baby has got to get a new barber.

  • lou lou 1 year ago

    haha religious people are the dumbest on earth…believe in fables and have been waiting their lord for thousands of years…well maybe next year haha idots

  • Boris Müller 1 year ago

    Ronny Chieng is the best thing on TV.

  • PsychoAlexander 1 year ago

    Catholic AR app? Great idea for them priests to reach me where my uncle never could, virtually, I hope.

  • 정지호 1 year ago

    Good job Church of England, you just have done something even the satan would’t have guessed; outsourcing prayers to plastic boxes worth 40 bucks.

  • BIG NIBBA 1 year ago

    Glad my generation is leaving that delusion. Hopefully religion will be thing of the past in the future.

  • Palesa Shalom 1 year ago

    Ronny is one of my absolute favorite!!!

  • Erik Garcia 1 year ago

    Best news ever. Seperation of church and state can finally be achieved when nobody goes to church. In my experience the least moral people i have met were “religious”.

  • Rachel Lawrence 1 year ago

    You know i never hear anyone make jokes about the Muslim religion, Buddhism or even Hinduism. Never even heard thr Gods in those religions used as a curse word. Yet Jesus is still the butt of jokes/criticism. Smh.


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