Timeshares: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on March 20, 2023

John Oliver discusses timeshares, how people get into them, why it’s so difficult to get out, and one exciting new business venture.


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  • Dee Dee 9 months ago

    I inherited a timeshare from my Parents that was located in another state.
    I got rid of it by calling that state’s ABA & getting the name of a lawyer that specialized in timeshare sales. He worked with a realtor that dealt with timeshares. It took 2 months to sell the timeshare. The only problem was that my Parents bought the timeshare for $10K & I only got $3K for it. I took the first offer because I didn’t have the $600 for the annual maintenance fees of that timeshare or the $150 annual fee for the company that switched that timeshare week to a week at another timeshare.

  • Liam Hodgson 9 months ago

    Idk man TWOW was fr bussin

  • Rodrigo Farías 9 months ago

    4:16 DOB!

  • Slevin Kelevra 9 months ago

    aaah, the weekly dosis of Amerikan-Dystopian Show. Your Country is really something…

  • Ahmed N. Ibrahim 9 months ago

    Wow. American capitalism is disgusting. Non-cancelable lifetime obligation???? I never ever seen that anywhere else.

  • Timothy Call 9 months ago

    I’m immune to advertisements… I cringe when TV shows and movies are too overt with product placement.

  • HaploidCell 9 months ago

    Ha, I got one.
    My uncle used to vacation at golf resorts all over and these guys were a plague!
    According to him, in South Africa they’d lure you in with a free shrimp cocktail – or similar – then ply you with free beverages from an open bar. The thing was – he got nervous when they locked the doors. Like, literally “you can’t just wander out”.
    So it’s him, cellphone in hand with 911 dialed in, 4 glasses of cabernet sovignon loaded, and the desperate sales manager trying to stop him from kicking in a very expensive hotel double-door.
    They tried to ban him for life from ever attending, but he used to the old “you don’t even know my real name suckers” and ran away. I asked him why the hell he would not accept a boon like the lifetime time share ban, and he answered “and miss all the free food?”. XD

  • TJ CORE 9 months ago

    How is this legal in any way? Just make a law to ban such scams!

  • Tony Lee 9 months ago

    Praise be, MahWanda!!

  • J R 9 months ago

    That hair!!

  • dfasdfasdfasdf 9 months ago

    Ask AI to generate pictures of suckers and you will get photos of these people. Jokes aside, these predatory scams shouldn’t be allowed.

  • Sean Barrett 9 months ago

    Working in sales has enlightened me to the worst type of people. It’s sales people.

  • Joshua Hobbins 9 months ago

    They sound like Air BnB with more steps.

  • FurryEskimo 9 months ago

    Anyone remember a LWT episode about investing? Something about only taking advice from people who benefit from your investment doing well?

  • Chronicler9 9 months ago

    lol Whatever, Tucan-man. I *loved* Avatar the Way of Water XD

  • polygaryd 9 months ago

    Everything John said is 100% true. I got screwed by diamond resorts for 30k and then an exit company for 1k. Pieces of sh*t. I could hardly book a week of stay a year in advance after upgrading and they had standard points and Hawaii points and said if I upgrade that all my points would become Hawaii points (more valuable) which didn’t happen of course. It was actually CHEAPER than the yearly mantenance fees and EASIER to rent a week at the resort off vacation websites than book with my points. What a giant scam. I hope they all die of chlamydia. This was 15 years ago and obviously I’m stil pissed about it. I could have used that money for so many other things over the years. Instead some rich a$$holes got even more rich by taking my money and giving me nothing of value. F this country with it’s legal scams. Captailism at its finest.

  • W 9 months ago

    The only way those Time Share out companies could be a bigger scam is if the original Time Share companies were running those to.


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