Tim Ryan – Running for President and Fighting for Forgotten Communities | The Daily Show

Published on June 20, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan explains why he has a shot at the nomination, and discusses how he plans to connect with Trump voters and revitalize the Midwest.



  • Heliocentric 8 months ago

    Don’t even try! Trump will win. Receive the signals from what just happened in UK.

  • Ogun Vaj 8 months ago

    What a waste of time…

    Should of interview *Andrew* *Yang*

  • ANDY VAN KERKHOVE 8 months ago

    Are you kiddin me ? That dude…?

  • Tx66 8 months ago

    Dude this guy has literally 0 chance of making it lol

  • Trisha Kashyap 8 months ago

    ok, I know this guy probably doesn’t stand a chance, but just know that at least this guy’s done the research. I think we can appreciate that, at least.

  • Marcus Selassie 8 months ago

    Trump is going to crush him like a bug, we need Bernie Sanders.

  • Zenobia Russell 8 months ago

    Cuz he’s still tryna bring coal back???

  • Tina Reutin 8 months ago

    So, prosecute gets back the jobs how?

  • Manny Santiago 8 months ago

    Trevor stop propping up these neoliberal centrist sh*tbags.
    There are only 2 people batting for the home team in this race – Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.
    Everyone else is perfectly fine with the status quo and protecting the establishment.

  • I'm right you're wrong 8 months ago

    Oh yeah, HE’LL win.
    Betcha that if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just said he was thinking about “it”.
    the polls would hit like a Tsunami.

  • Chris 8 months ago

    This guy may not have a snowball’s chance in hell to win the Democratic nominee for President of the United States … but I’m glad he’s a congressman and I hope he stays there.

  • Kevin Skipper 8 months ago

    DNC is a loser club. Period.

  • walter Clemmons 8 months ago

    Didn’t Trump say the same?

  • Louise K 8 months ago

    This guy seems nice and even sincere but I doubt he really represents the “forgotten people”

  • BoxyBrown 8 months ago

    Vote for Pete this guy has no chance

  • lefthandedpolack 8 months ago

    Nobody wants the ineffectual middle to lead right now. We need progressive minds in charge for once.

  • R Z 8 months ago

    WHAT ABOUT PRESCHOOL!@#!@ HOLY SHIT, these people are literally missing the most important years of a child’s life… 3-5 they learn the most and the quickest… PRESCHOOL NEEDS TO BE FAR MORE IMPORTANT!@#!@#!

  • Emmy Morgan 8 months ago

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  • whattpoh45 8 months ago

    Who the F want to work in a factory and in the manufactory plant…. WTF who want to be a slave…. It is 2019…

  • jimmy Ryan 8 months ago

    I was pleasantly surprised by this guy


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