Tim Roth: Samuel L. Jackson Definitely Knows Donald Trump – Late Night with Seth Meyers



  • fidorover 3 years ago

    Who knew that a significant amount of Sidney Poitier’s money is now sitting
    in a wallet that says Bad Motherf***er on it.

  • Holly Dysart 3 years ago

    LOL Trump is an arrogant liar with the maturity and English language skills
    of a 4th grader. #TeamSam

  • Caratacus van Internet 3 years ago

    Oh my god… Winter is coming

  • grass hopper 3 years ago

    When are you going to find whatever it is your looking for trump

  • TheTuubster 3 years ago

    Who… f*cking… cares.

  • chubbykid1234 3 years ago


  • Tuan Steel 3 years ago

    Bet no one knows who Tim Roth is, Abomination is quite popular though.

  • Swizz Knife 3 years ago

    Ahahaha, so this is a new low even for seth meyers. He brings Tim Roth on
    his show, to say, not that he can document it but he definately believes
    samuel l jackson.. hahaha..

    Seth Meyers, why don’t you just admit that you work part time for the
    clinton campaign, you seem to act more like a campaign worker than a
    comedian/talk show host.

    I’m not actually sure that Samuel L jackson wanted it to get this much
    attention, or if he actually wants trump to rebut what he’s been saying,
    from the shakey stuff about him forgetting to pay membership, to samuel l
    playing golf with the CLINTONS.. There’s actually a short video where
    samuel l is being hunted by cameras to his car, and he’s saying “i don’t
    know why you’re giving this so much attention”.. exactly, i don’t think
    samuel l is going to like where that’s going if this keeps being peddled..

    Atleast trump is saying the clintons are corrupt now that he’s running, is
    samuel l jackson doing that?

    And who can say he’s not correct, let’s just take the recent email stuff,
    the fbi is about to endict hillary in the next 60 days (search that) more
    than likely because they are about to conclude their investigation which is
    so compelling that it can’t be denied..

    over 1200 classified emails INCLUDING the ones they are recovering from her
    server she tried to wipe..

    But here’s the democrat logic.. weither or not trump remembers playing golf
    with samuel l and another guy way back > criminally indicted for violating
    laws of classified emails with over 1200 emails breaching these laws, which
    have given others jail time for doing 5% of what she did.

    Which is what makes it disgusting that they are running this diversion
    story, instead of admitting she probably shouldn’t be allowed to run or
    shouldn’t be the democratic candidate..

    And all the democrats have is, IF donald trump remembers playing golf at
    trumps own golf course, with samuel l jackson AND another guy way way
    back.. Which btw. that doesn’t mean trumps knows him as a friend.. He
    clearly doesnt feel that he does, and btw. samuel l forgot to pay the
    membership pool fee.. from back when he was chilling like a villain in the
    pool after a round of golf with clinton.. several years ago.

    And samuel l forgetting he had membership there, cause it was so far off
    his mind.. that he had forgotten for years. Which is pretty easy to
    document, and probably very easy for trump to document if he wanted to,
    exactly how many times samuel l jackson had played and with whom.

    Since a) it’s trumps golf course, b) no doubt the clubhouse registers these
    kinds of data. Including that samuel l forgot to pay the pool fee for high
    paying members..

    Also samuel l claims that trump called him several times to say “hey samuel
    l you want to play golf” maybe to get samuel l to use the golf course,
    since he could see he had not been there for a while.. and was still a
    member, including forgetting to pay his membership fees..

    Not because they played together just the two of them.. No samuel l jackson
    keeps referring to one case where he said he played with trump and 1 other
    guy.. which might be why trump forgot about it. Since other than that
    samuel l golfed with the clintons there..

    They have nothing on trump politically, which is pretty obvious with the
    desperation democratic pundits like seth meyers is producing currently. 2
    days in a row obsessing over this.. But by all means keep on doing it, it
    is very indicative of a lot of things.

  • Kozar 3 years ago


  • John Simmons 3 years ago

    Who really gives a DAMN about what Samuel L Jackson thinks or knows about
    Donald Trump? The brain dead imbeciles that watch these late night shows
    are complete BRAIN DONORS!

  • jesusjacob israel 3 years ago

    Crooks are cheaters, liars, cowards, traitors, and deceivers. They make
    their money deceiving people.. Money and power, thats all they care about.

  • shima shahadifar 3 years ago

    How about posting more than 1 minute of this show so we, people who don’t
    live in us, can watch it too ?

  • CRENSHAW PETE 3 years ago

    Oh look it’s Sepp Blatter.

  • Gabriel Balaich 3 years ago

    *Puts Donald Trump in the title of the video to garner views


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