Tim Cook On Speaking Up For Equality

Published on September 16, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about sharing his truth and the goal of helping others who are struggling with their own. Presented by New York Life

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  • Kento Mizuno 4 years ago

    I didn’t know he grew up in Alabama

  • Skilled Fatty 4 years ago

    I love that he interviews intelligent + important business people and
    politicians as opposed to just reality stars

  • Rahul Kochar 4 years ago

    love the show!

  • Chris Hawn 4 years ago

    He is such a great person.

  • Kung Lao Master 4 years ago

    Tim cook gay or not he is the boss man he is awesome!

  • sajzilla 4 years ago

    Gay/straight, who cares, find someone to replace him. The last few Iphones
    have been stagnant shit. RIP Steve Jobs.

  • Amrit Swain 4 years ago

    1. Who cares if he’s gay or not. He runs a company which is valued north of
    $650 Billion.

    2. Those people saying he should be fired coz hes no Jobs, here – when Jobs
    died apple stock was trading at 50. Now its near its all time high of 130.
    Thats $400 Billion wealth creation in less than 4 years.

    There are evolutionary/incremental changes (like making the iphone better
    each year) and there are revolutionary changes (iwatch, macbook, ipad pro –
    which shakes up the industry) and Apple has mastered both.

    And yes, please do not start a android vs apple vs msft war. Just use
    whatever you are comfortable with. Peace.

  • Vital Perspectives 4 years ago

    I personally don’t like gays/lesbians, but who cares ? we care still all
    humans. & we should always respect respect each others thinking & believes.

  • Austin Heckel 4 years ago

    But that product push tho

  • Ludwig Von Cocksucker 4 years ago

    I would love to suck Mr. Cook’s cock

  • officialpartychannel 4 years ago

    Someone in the press outed him

  • Joshua Reyes 4 years ago

    Why was it cut? It’s not yet over!

  • rialene92 4 years ago

    love stephen <3

  • Abhishek Bhatia 4 years ago

    omg soooooooo funny!!!!!

  • D. Black 4 years ago

    Colbert is a great host in that he doesn’t talk over his guests. Lookin’ at
    you, Jimmy Fallon.

  • Andy Tang 4 years ago

    Not a fan of Apple at all, but Tim Cook is an alright guy.

  • oliver townsin 4 years ago

    outsourcing Faggot bring the plants home !!!!

  • sethman75 4 years ago

    Why do we have to know his sexuality? Something so personal should remain
    private, not thrown into the public like we need to know about it.

  • FirestoneX 4 years ago

    isn’t it weird how you can always tell who is gay just by how they talk.
    okay maybe not everyone but you get the idea. I wonder why that is. why is
    there a gay accent.

  • Lindon. 4 years ago

    It’s a complete downgrade.

  • zev piro 4 years ago

    Lets be honest, we all knew it.

  • IkHaatAfwassen 4 years ago

    I live in Holland and watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon everyday.
    But in my opinion, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman are much better and
    funnier than Fallon. Jimmy is not bad and he’s likeable, just not as good
    as the other two.

  • Benjamin Jones 4 years ago

    CEO of Apple significantly values his privacy. CEO of Apple. Privacy. Yep.

  • Chris Singleton 4 years ago

    War Eagle

  • Alexander Hunter 4 years ago

    Too bad in this society, being gay is more of a downgrade than an upgrade

  • Andrew Bren 4 years ago

    His laugh

  • Livid Imp 4 years ago

    I am tired of hearing about so-and-so is gay…so the fuck what. It feels
    as tiresome as hearing, “did you hear that the guy that runs the gas
    station is straight! It’s such incredible news!” I understand there is
    still an element that opposes gay rights, but it really isn’t very
    dangerous to “come out” any more. It’s more dangerous to admit to being an
    atheist or Mormon than gay nowadays.

  • Dango Ruiz 4 years ago

    Much respect, this man for.

  • IXM360 4 years ago

    Brave guy, a lot of respect not just for Tim but also for the show and
    Stephen, pretty much my favourite late night show of all time and it’s only
    been a week.

  • amit nagpal 4 years ago

    I always imagine myself in people’s shoes who do something like what Tim
    did. So you have everything one could as for – Great job, living in a great
    open minded city like San Francisco, you are healthy, your family and
    friends respect you and people who you respect know that you are gay. It
    really is enough to have a happy life.

    But then you decide to tell the world, a large part of which is hugely
    ignorant and bigoted, that yes I am gay and I run the worlds most
    profitable company. You open yourself to backlash, persecution, judgement
    and security threats because you want that kid in some third world country
    who thinks he is mutated, sick and not worthy to know that the guy who
    makes your favorite gadget is also just like you. It is extremely powerful
    and it takes courage and responsibility to do it. I salute him and I think
    he is a better man and CEO than Steve Jobs.

  • Po Russki 4 years ago

    Bring Steve back!!!

  • benwoo 4 years ago

    Oh yeah a billionaire leftist CEO of the worlds most powerful tech company
    who lives in Silicon Valley, the most progressive region on earth is just
    soooo brave for coming out of the closet at the ripe old age of 54. Oh such
    a brave man you are. Ugh, blow me !

  • Andrew Tang 4 years ago

    @0:19 Audience began laughing before the real part of the joke came out…

  • Naryan Robinson 4 years ago

    Do you really think the CEO of a 680 *billion* dollar company based almost
    *entirely* on the image of “cool”, “modern”, “liberal”, etc. is going to go
    on public TV and just speak his mind?
    Where there is that much money there are *severe* expectations and
    murder-inducing disappointments.
    Every word is a carefully rehearsed PR move. This man’s *life* is a PR

  • Michael Polizzi 4 years ago

    falon is everything thats wrong and played out in late night

  • Kevin Piastra: Comedian 4 years ago

    Is that a real book?

  • jbgrooves 4 years ago

    Hiding your sexuality is not an act of privacy it’s an act of fear.


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