TikTok Spying Fears, Updated “Alphabet Song” & A Case of Auto-Brewery Syndrome | The Daily Show

Published on October 31, 2019

Senators ask for an investigation into the Chinese tech company behind TikTok, the alphabet song gets a remix, and a condition called auto-brewery syndrome turns the carbs you eat into alcohol. #TheDailyShow



  • Tamaela Jean 3 years ago

    That’s not even new. Japanese elementary schools have used this
    alternate version for years because most people here have a hard time separating their consonants from vowels. I’m more surprised that it took this long to make it to the US.

  • Some Person 3 years ago

    It’s funny that security experts hate tic toc, but have no problem with Facebook or YouTube. It’s ok if it’s Americans farming the data, but as soon as Foreign companies do it’s the apocalypse. Makes you wonder what their real intent is, I don’t disagree with not wanting China to own you but wtf?

  • Tun. 3 years ago

    The new Alphabet song sound like someone ran out of breath in the middle ? L M N O ??? P

  • Brieana Straiton 3 years ago

    No joke I’m listening to my 2 yo singing ABC’s while the new song segment is playing. She has the “lmnop” down just fine. ????

  • YodaGrammar l 3 years ago

    We been accusing Huawei of being a security threat for over a year now and 0 countries have been able to produce a single piece of evidence, including ourselves.
    So now we are adding TikTok to the list just because it is a “Chinese company”?
    Is it just me or is this starting to look a lot likr racism…

  • Ashley Reyes 3 years ago

    ?omg our toddler has a toy car that sings the alphabet like this and I swear my husband and I laugh every time. Like THIS SHIT IS BROKEN!!!

  • Mihir Patel 3 years ago

    China is a global threat.

  • Ebby C 3 years ago

    The only app, that somehow doesn’t know our location, is UBER. ??? So true!

  • Spiderous 3 years ago

    I’ll be honest, this “new” updated alphabet song is how I learned my abc… 35 YEARS AGO, I know, where I come from, we never had the “infamous LMNOP”.

  • Chris Lopez 3 years ago

    I can’t stand these social sites. Adds absolutely nothing to the progress of our species. Just a bunch of dumb fucking civilians doing dumb fucking civilian stuff.

  • WeAreArsenal 49 3 years ago

    Don’t insult Hanson as “The guy from catch a predator “

  • jase keppler 3 years ago

    America is so fucking pathetic always hating on another country or anyone for doing someting better they are first 5g and now an app GTFOH

  • Tahtahme Xero 3 years ago

    Personally won’t be basing my voting choice on what a grown ass candidate recorded themselves doing at 14, but thats just me I guess. ??????

  • Lavada Hall 3 years ago

    Trevor is amazing! Funny as hell!

  • Geetesh Meena 3 years ago

    Data? They are calling tiktok data. I thought humanity was a intelligent species.

  • Chris Allen 3 years ago

    Conservatives and Liberals finally have something to agree on…it’s L M N O P damnit!!!!

  • Sm-Art Smears 3 years ago

    USA wants to have the only companies that spy on people.

    Like how can anyone be expected to take the concerns of the government seriously when Facebook constantly trips over itself to steal our data

  • AyuKarunia Putri 3 years ago

    to be honest that’s how Indonesian kid sing ABC

  • MS Rena 3 years ago

    In the words of MJ??, ?”I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.” ????

  • verly hyde 3 years ago

    In Indonesia, we are singing the alphabet song this way, though.


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