Tiffany Haddish Opens Up About Attending George Floyd’s Funeral

Published on June 10, 2020

Tiffany Haddish opens up about struggling to bring joy to a troubled world and attending George Floyd’s funeral.

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  • Martin McMartin 3 years ago

    “Snot facials” 🤣

  • Olafolafsen78 3 years ago

    omg i love this woman

  • GourmetGilda 3 years ago

    Tiffany is one of the last regulars “Jill’s” that has made it she is torn between two worlds !she has an important path in her life watch her carefully and see the human that she is!

  • New Message 3 years ago

    When you’re attackign a woman for crying at a funeral.. you aren’t on the right side, man.

  • Zelus0 3 years ago

    Kind of depressed by the fact that the media recorded the funeral, I understand that it’s George Floyd’s funeral, but at least give them the privacy to say and do what they need to do with out having to think about getting judged for it.

  • F. N. Lorter 3 years ago

    Never thought I’d ever see Haddish this angry.

  • Paul Beoxn 3 years ago

    One human race on the face of mother earth. Living in peace, love & harmony, with respect for all diversity. That’s my wish. A English black professor (Tory) on a news channel in the UK said if we knock down all the status we will forget their failures. I disagree, people of colour do not need to be reminded of this by a statue. This will never be forgotten but over the years & years things will become normal. Another thing, American history shows ethnic cleansing regarding the the indigenous American Indian, isn’t it time to face your demons.

  • uber301 3 years ago

    Even in the depths of pain, she found snot facials. A tiny reason to smile. Administrator of joy indeed!

  • Daniela dos Santos Silva 3 years ago

    I LOVE that she is not wearing make up

  • Colleen Kelly 3 years ago

    Come to Australia Tiffany!
    Look at this amazing African American man who is taking black opera around the world to introduce young black children to opera. L.A. Harriett’s tribute to #GeorgeFloyd and #BlackLivesMatter is just BEAUTIFUL:


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