This Year, Consider Praying From Home

Published on April 7, 2020

As Passover, Easter and Ramadan approach, the faithful are being asked to practice social distancing and not congregate in large groups. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #ColdOpens

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  • jaerirob644 10 months ago

    Why don’t we just all die?

  • It Was A Good Idea At The Time 10 months ago

    Thanks for that last bit Colbert I was putting down my cup of tea. & I knocked it over onto the coffee table ruining my cookies. When ‘God’ said who the ‘Saviour’ was going to be. Tell ‘God’ he owes me a packet of Tim Tams! 😂☕🍥

  • Marius Thefaker 10 months ago

    Selfish pricks… Smite them oh mighty smiter, make sure they know they’ve been -smited- -smitten- …er… smote?

  • Chris R 10 months ago

    we have been celebrating Mass by video for weeks. my parish priest celebrates to empty pews and posts the videos for us to take part. it’s wonderful.

  • SpSot 10 months ago

    All the Scientism jerks around here are like toddlers, incapable of seeing midway. I prefer Colbert, he combines so many things together.

  • dafttool 10 months ago

    If you need a middleman to talk to God, then you aren’t speaking to God, but to a middleman instead.

  • Victoria V 10 months ago

    Another reason to become an atheist 😁

  • simon nomis 10 months ago


  • True Tech 10 months ago

    What seems funny to you, amazes us. Then again, i’ve recived death threats from people who overly want to pretend bullets and bombs produce afterlives.
    Steve, ever notice how religion$ are all based on mythology? Cognitive dissonance seems to prevent certain people from noticing that its impossible to walk on water, outside of the hollywood realm. I moved away from a violently themed right winged older brother who did things such as unapologetically break my nose at age 17, and when i was only age 7, i have memories of him walking into my bedroom, closing the door calmly, walking over to me and my legos, and he began punching me in the face repeated while whispering ‘shut up’ in between each of those shock inducing punches, as my tears splashed away. Dude, it’s not been an easy road i travel. At age 22, i woke up shaking like i was in an earthquake, though the place was still, and i still shake alot many years later. at age 22, my highrise construction employer only offered me a dust mask to apply applications of DOW FireStop D2000 (a now discontinued product since my calling DOW and telling them what happened to me, DOW said ‘sorry’) and live with stiffness and shakes and pain from that, you dont want to know what my rural location leaky fixer upper fridge looks like. One things for sure, religion$ seem to be always rigging politics.
    Guess you are waking up to the reality of the problems of allowing religion$ to fester, and that 9/11 was COMPLETELY avoidable. My old brother back in toronto 4 hours away from where i moved to, he plays poker with a sociopath who nearly killed someone over a game of pool in a bar they used to go to, and my violently themed older brother described the bar’s bathroom as resembling a bloodbath. I saw his sociopathic friend in a donut shop shortly after as my brother and him babbled away in front of me, so i spoke up and said to him that what he did was wrong, and he replied what? Then him and my sociopathic older brother went instantly back to talking about something else. Shortly after that, my sadly missed atheist stepfather passed away 6 months after mom did, and that sociopathic friend of my brothers showed up at the funeral wake, and he shook my brothers hand, and as i stood next to my sociopathic older brother, john the mechanic sociopathic friend of his chose not to shake my hand, and he instead chose to look over my shoulder outside a window, sending me a message that he was pissed off at me for having the guts to tell him in that donut shop previously that what he did was wrong for his nearly killing someone over a game of pool. My sociopathic older brother’s birthday is in august, that was the last time i spoke with him last year, he never calls since i moved 4 hours away to a rural location away from toronto, i didn’t mention anything about his frauding me of over half my disability pension for years until i moved away, and he knows i can prove it too, though he decided to say john says hi.
    Maybe they can afford the internet too, and noticed me leaving comments online in youtube comment sections for toronto area based news channels..
    Oh, and a year after moving to this rural area, the person i bought used furniture from his now closed antique store where i first met him, he decided to tell me that he buried a body in his backyard, and then he smiled and nodded at me while we stood in his driveway unloading sheets of drywall off his trailer..
    I ended up helping him install that drywall into his rental home for free. He later on told me that its awfully high up that ladder, as his last response to my asking him when he was going to get around to installing a woodstove chimney kit that he previously mislead me into thinking he would eventually get around to it. I stopped asking him at that point, and i avoid him like the plague. then he showed up in my driveway with his new girlfriend (now his wife), and as they walked to the metal barn on my property to check on the shelving and display cases from his now closed antique store, he smiled and at me and said that bad people can become good. i’ve never charged him a dime for that storage, though used to get 1000 a year to help supplement my disability pension by a farming neighbor renting it for his farming equipment. That’s my farmer neighbor who lives a mile away, and he too has experienced run ins with that sociopathic ex antique store owner. A few years ago, that sociopath went into my home while i was out of town, he left a friggin figersmudge on my tv screen’s surface, it’s still there, “Cry” is what he wrote.. Oh, the most recent creepy stuff that i also can’t prove though could arrest him if i was cop, i found 2 valve stems on the far side away from view of my houses windows, they we both sliced in the same pattern of cutting, then noticed my riding lawnmower wheel valve stem also failed when i checked it that springtime. My lawn is nothing like most people’s now. i lost interest in bothering to mow. I feel like a sitting duck in a rural field of somewhat broken dreams with no wings to fly away. Yet if i ended up murdered one day, you probably realize that some delusional morons will stand around my coffin saying that i went off to a better place.. creepy isnt it?
    Dont go licking any wrought iron fencing, nor kissing any walls, nor praying if you can avoid that too.
    Be safe eh, be healthy, be logical.
    (((follow the money)))
    #inSCIENCEwetrust not very prophetable god$

  • True Tech 10 months ago

    You may or may not be able to even see the comment i posted just below this one, maybe you did, unless it’s been selectively shadowbanned, that happens to very caring peaceful nonviolent atheists such as myself..

  • brenton schaffert 10 months ago

    Yeshua Hamashiach is King! Those who have no Faith should not speak on defying Faith. None the less I am celebrating Passover at home. Passover – just what it sounds like. Thank you for my life, my family, and many blessings. Please be with those who are suffering. Please replace fear with love. Thank you.

  • Igor Schmidlapp 10 months ago

    OK… who else watched ABC’s broadcast of the movie because there was nothing better on for the evening, and you were still locked down? Talk about a “captive audience”…

  • randall2020 10 months ago

    God groupies should pray much more, anywhere and everywhere. While they are praying they are not doing damage, though they are being stupid.

  • Hannah Dyson 10 months ago

    Whatever brings people comfort .

    All places of worship are closed in the UK. No one is complaining .

    Perspective is needed .

  • Lily Chu 10 months ago

    This video reminds me of a joke/ story told to me years ago.

    A man was trapped by a storm which resulted in the rivers overflowing their banks. Early on, his neighbor stopped by and asked him if he wanted to be driven to higher ground. The man replied, “No, thank you. God will save me.” Next, as the flood waters started to rise, his neighbor rowed by in a canoe and said “Can I help you get to a safer area?” Again the man replied., “No, thank you. God will save me.” Finally, the water reached his 2nd floor of his house and he had to climb onto his roof. A military helicopter flew over and a soldier was lowered down. “Sir, if you wrap this rope around you, we can hoist you up.” Again, the man replied, “”No, thank you. God will save me.” Finally the waters covered his roof and the man drowned. When he arrived at St. Peter’s gate, he asked God, “Why did you not save me?” God replied, “I tried 3 times and each time you refused me. What more could I do?”

    I suspect this type of reasoning drives these churches and other places of worship that continue to meet in-person and defy state/ local laws. They believe their God will save them but what if God is acting via Dr. Fauci, the local health department, and their state legislators?

  • SanguisDiabolus 10 months ago

    Yeah these churches have really been pissing me off. I mean, is your faith so weak, so brittle, that it can’t withstand being practiced at home? You fucking NEED to be in some arbitrarily designated building in order for your faith to mean something? It’s pathetic.

  • It Was A Good Idea At The Time 10 months ago

    & this year’s Darwin Award goes to ………. the idiots who thought it’d be a good idea to go to church during a global pandemic.


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