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Published on June 5, 2020

On this week’s Tooning Out The News guests Eugene Robinson, Rep. Barbara Lee, Cornell Belcher and Frank Luntz discuss police violence, the White Guy Womb, and a tearful Lea Michele cancellation. Watch the full episode on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 6/5/2020

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  • Litlamp 1 month ago

    This looks pretty funny actually.

  • Mr. Precedent 1 month ago

    “We cannot rest until America is just Donald Trump standing atop a mountain of smoldering ashes!”
    That’s Fox “News” right there, straight up.

  • Hetty 1 month ago

    wanna be friends?

  • Cheryl Sibson 1 month ago

    Meanwhile, in Canadian news, Prime Minister Trudeau took a knee today.

  • Ape Fistivist 1 month ago

    You’re damned well right that Murphy wouldn’t have anything to do with that garbage. Watch Robocop 3 again.

  • Monica Seferian 1 month ago

    God: “Im not on board with gassing people protestors for a photo op. I thought I made that clear in the Bible.” Priceless.

  • MrSkeeter18 1 month ago

    Bunker Baby Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christopher Snyder 1 month ago

    If only the almighty could actually do that, oh well.

  • namogel67 1 month ago

    If Archer produced the news.

  • sunchild51 1 month ago

    You know you not funny no more. You still making jokes in such a serious time. This is why folks get upset with the media on tv. You take nothing to the heart except your pay check. Stop the jokes💝💝💝

  • The Dream 1 month ago

    Aww my comment was deleted.

    All I said was that I was the first “Unlike” and you deleted it?

  • The Dream 1 month ago

    My comments keep getting deleted

  • Hans Ogren 1 month ago

    This is what happens when the people that make “Our Cartoon President” are stuck in quarantine.

  • Rehema Zabibu 1 month ago

    Hahhahaha I love this show it’s literally saying all the dumb shit people are saying

  • Ed S 1 month ago

    That “white dudes with beards and AR-15s” line was awesome. No double standards in ‘Merica.

  • Lime Twist Animations 1 month ago

    For some reason this reminds me of battlefield friends.

  • Mr_Rockito 1 month ago

    Hey, no crowd here?

  • Angela NIchols 1 month ago

    Hey creative edit guys. Pull clips from A League of Their Own of Stue Well Angel and show it as clips of trump as a kid. The of turns his head , body language and attitude are strikingly similar. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😎

  • Rich Sackett 1 month ago

    Mr. “Billionaire” wearing a baggy suit again. Prediction: The Successful Businessman clown will become a stock circus character.


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