This Week on Tooning Out The News | Trailer (10/9/20)

Published on October 9, 2020

This week’s Tooning Out The News covers the Vice Presidential debate, Trump’s Covid Roid Rage, and dodgy White House doctors with Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Lauren Underwood, Rep. David Cicilline, and Dr. Bill Hanage. Watch the full episode on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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  • The Weekly News Explosion 2 years ago

    Stephen Colbert’s show is so good, he is one of the best comedians, if not the best, he inspired me to start my own show… and im a kid! The Republican party has become a cult of conspiracy theorists! VOTE VOTE VOTE! When people vote, Democrats win!

  • Ann van de Kew 2 years ago

    MAGA == Make Americans Gasp for Air.

  • The Weekly News Explosion 2 years ago

    Trump is the most unpopular president in history. Facts. Or as Joe Biden would put it. Period period period

  • 2020 Beenamother 2 years ago

    Lock fly head and bunker boy up after November elections

  • trail mark 2 years ago

    Why are so many people today happy that they are walking their way to hell believing they can make other people happy showing them the way?

  • mary jones 2 years ago

    you guys outdid yourselves this week, ty all!

  • ih8tusernam3s 2 years ago

    “I don’t think the science knows” – you think he was saying that when
    they proposed administering an experimental drug created by science that
    was required to save his life?

  • CD 2 years ago

    He is stupid in circular denial- I’m your best president- it’s a hoax- masks are for wooses- I fully recovered like superman- cough cough- I didn’t lose election- I never wanted to be president- I’m immune- cough cough- flag draped coffin- The end.
    He is killing himself being driven to nowhere by his own ambition. Don’t vote for this guy
    Vote Biden Harris 2020

  • KeybladeMasterMind 2 years ago

    the clip when Tyler is in a submarine and goes into “Getty-Lungs” – what segment and or video link was that cause I cant find it?

  • Surviver 2 years ago

    News is already tooned out. Don’t need anymore

  • Brian Garrow 2 years ago

    Cheeto Mussolini standing outside the White House and gagging.

  • Annie Waters 2 years ago

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  • Phil Stehle 2 years ago

    This is done sarcastically but with trumpligula it’s unbelievably bad behavior but true

  • derrick king 2 years ago

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • The Zombie Warz 2 years ago

    Do you think Joe Biden is a racist?


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