This Week in Chaos: Nunes & BIEs | February 7, 2018 Act 1, Pt. 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on February 8, 2018

While the Nunes Memo was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, nukes and “Black Identity Extremists” were at the tips of the President’s fingers.

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  • Jesse Torres 2 years ago

    Paraphrased quote: If you are really in favor of the freedom of speech, religion, and protest, then you must respect/defend the opinions, beliefs, and views of those you disagree with, not just the ones you agree with, otherwise you are not truly in favor of the First Amendment.

  • Chloe Shand 2 years ago

    Good to know Fox News thinks a partisan hackery memo is worse than COINTELPRO

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

    Black identity extremist? Is it part of the “many sides” policies?

  • Jory Jones 2 years ago

    Nambia and the United Staches #TrumpCan’tRead

  • Kim Jong Fun 2 years ago

    Only in the deranged minds like Donald Trump’s that a memo written by his own henchman somehow proves his innocence. To any sane person, this memo only makes him look more guilty.

  • mago lago 2 years ago

    lol @ anyone taking the memo seriously

  • Randy H 2 years ago

    “Devin Nunes aka rabbit-turned-into-a-man” ???‍♂️

  • Project Redfoot 2 years ago

    Black-Identity Extremists?
    Is it just me, or is the government trying to force us to choose a side?

  • Jon Dunmore 2 years ago

    0:28 — Of COURSE Dumbo Donald was left alone “for several hours” to read the memo. Remember, it’s THREE WHOLE PAGES long. And that’s SINGLE SPACING as well.

  • FionaOfMountLawley 2 years ago

    Some of the black identity extremists are going to be hard to identify, because they’re caucasians and difficult to arrest, unless the Russian government is willing to grant extradition of their own cyber-warfare personnel over provocateur activities in the U.S.They’re at it, again.

  • Wolferine07 2 years ago

    There’s also going to be a prequel: The Phantom Memo

  • Pat sek 2 years ago

    Queen Bee

  • Dee Elle 2 years ago

    The ‘Gerasimov Doctrine’

    “Russian authorities are not exactly shy about the goals of this disinformation campaign and disinformation activity,” European Union Commissioner for Security Julian King said in Strasbourg on January 17. “In Russia’s official military doctrine, as well as statements by top Russian generals, they describe the use of false data and destabilizing propaganda as legitimate tools, and information as another type of armed force.”

  • Yusen Ye 2 years ago

    English is my second language, and it took me 30 min to read it

  • Geoffrey Gibson BSc 2 years ago

    what about finding memo

  • Giovanni R 2 years ago

    The only Black Identity Extremist is Rachel Dolezal.

  • The Noble and Mighty Beaver 2 years ago

    Does Jeff Sessions know anything at all? Seriously.

  • Drm R 2 years ago

    Meanwhile, white identity extremists have increasingly free reign under this administration. At the same time, this administration is undermining its own law enforcement agency because “law and order” only applies to the common folk.

  • Muse Tutor 2 years ago

    If FBI is in such control then why couldn’t they
    1) get hillary elected
    2) get more money for their budget
    3) get rid of all their enemies
    4) proceed with their agenda

  • okrajoe 2 years ago

    Memo League — the DC Extended Universe!


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