This Is A Story About Russian Oil And A Guy Named Vlad



  • John Clark 2 years ago

    Well it turns out now ol Vladimir is dead, his kin folk done gone shot him in the head. It turns out war wasn’t popular at home, so they all got together and they killed with a drone. Unmanned that is, high altitude.

  • Mullah Baksheesh 2 years ago

    HarrisX Poll: Biden More to Blame Than Trump Over Ukraine; Majority Favors Drilling to Combat Rising Gas Prices
    see article by Paul Bond in Newsweek 7 March 2022

  • Margaret Scott 2 years ago

    Note to self. Do not drink anything while watching Stephen Colbert. Laughing so hard! Excellent parody!

  • Greg Mark 2 years ago

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just get the audience to chant “WE WANT THE WAR! WE WANT THE WAR!”
    It would probably be cheaper, and more effective at accomplishing your goals, too.

  • Lefty Me 2 years ago

    Meanwhile….kids are being bombed.

  • James Guy Photography 2 years ago

    I have been telling people Russia is bad all along. Why can’t people see that a leader who poisons people is dangerous?

  • Andy Shick 2 years ago

    Don’t come back now, ya hear?

  • Cyberbeagle 2 years ago

    You’re fading these out too soon!

  • Sylvain-Paul Côté 2 years ago

    Vlad has a different spin on “riding bareback”!

  • Freeway Godzilla 2 years ago

    How the rich white entitled run there mouths and do nothing

  • Make Racists Afraid Again 2 years ago

    Why do these clips always end two seconds before the segment?

  • Spad Ress 2 years ago

    Why did oil proces fall and not rise after this news?

  • awkpickup 2 years ago

    The US has surrounded Russia with advance NATO weapons including transfers to Ukraine before this war. The US is using Ukraine to weaken Russia. Ukraine is a pawn and tragically it’s people will suffer. As Hillery Clinton has said we did this strategy in Afghanistan in the 80’s and it had the unintended consequences of training future Al Queda fighters. Now we’re arming the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, what could go wrong.

  • oonegro82 2 years ago

    In all seriousness I’m waiting for Weird Al Yankovic to come out with some parody songs as well….

  • batgurrl 2 years ago

    Yet another hilarious and spot on song parody, which I already listened to a few times. Your writers are geniuses.

  • Russ Ingersoll 2 years ago

    Putin DIDN’T miscalculate, nor will Russia be defeated. Americans are being intentionally deceived by the mainstream media about Zelensky and Ukraine, just as they were about the PLANdemic. The sanctions are going to wreck the West, not Russia. Hatred for the Russians has been so instiIIed in Americans that they are incapable of thinking objectively and have thus become vulnerable to another global deception.

  • Steven Wilkinson 2 years ago

    Why is Trump not with him.

  • h7opolo 2 years ago

    the bees knees


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