This Fan Googled Conan Before Meeting Him | Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan

Published on November 16, 2022

Veronika, a fan from Hungary, reveals that she wasn’t familiar with any of Conan’s work prior to the podcast.

Over the past few years, Conan O’Brien has searched for friends far and wide across the star studded world of celebrities – and now, Conan is taking that same search to the people he loves most: His fans! Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan is the newest addition to the Team Coco podcast universe, featuring Conan, Sona, and Matt taking questions directly from fans each week. No topic is off limits, as Conan dives deep each week with different listeners from across the country, and the world. Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan drops Thursdays. Follow on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • coke sonic 3 months ago

    rip jay leno chin

  • Anon Anon 3 months ago

    You should ALWAYS Google the company you want to work for before the interview. In this case the company was moreso the individual.

  • Flying Chong 3 months ago

    I think Conan died a little bit inside. Only he could pull off being either extremely self-deprecating or completely full of himself and it’s funny either way… because we mock him either way 🧡

  • Ben Logan 3 months ago

    Great video. you’ve remind me of what someone once said❤ Making money is an Action, keeping money is behavior, Growing money is Knowledge. I once attended seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i must tell you the truth

  • Michael Jacksin 3 months ago

    for shame?

  • pflota 3 months ago

    Conan pick meeeeee, your biggest Mexican fan

  • Vinicius Gonçalves 3 months ago

    the heck, am I the only person who’s never googled connan lol

  • Tim James 3 months ago

    (This is undoubtedly an overread and far too earnest for the internet.)
    Because she was ignorant of Conan’s back catalogue, she found this podcast when searching for “needs a friend”. And it just feels both beautiful and heartbreaking that she came to us in such a sad way, but what a joyful group to wind up with. I really, really adore this podcast.

  • BeLight 3 months ago

    I hate that this person has no idea. I’ve literally been a fan since I was 8. Why would you even talk to this person?

  • Mikel Gibson 3 months ago

    Conan please come back to Television. Any format anytime. I need your comedy.

  • Priapus HK 3 months ago

    She cute.

  • adokadanla 3 months ago

    thank you for breaking it down!!With everything going on right now, the best decision to be on any creative man’s heart is having a profitable investment strategy.

  • Yanni Mecwan 3 months ago

    I think Youtube was the biggest contributer to Conan’s popularity all over the world.
    I too found randomly some remote clips of conan 12 years ago & instant become a fan.

  • .m. 3 months ago

    doesn’t she have youtube? she must’ve seen SOME of his vids. or maybe they’re all blocked in hungary

  • Dead Purple 3 months ago

    Damn she’s cute.

  • Chet MacDonald 3 months ago

    Phoning it in eh. #YouNeedToResurface Your Irish. Alabaster.

  • kevjohn 3 months ago

    Conan: I’m one of the biggest stars in the world.

    Sona: ugh


  • Bilguunbat Khayandorj 3 months ago

    Hello from Mongolia. I’m a Conan fan.

  • Logan Sullivan 3 months ago

    “It was the Simpsons that did it”

    That line worked so well, Sona is hilarious


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