Third Parties: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on October 17, 2016

Third party candidates want to be serious contenders, so John Oliver considers them seriously as potential presidents.

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  • LegendaryKing 2 years ago

    ..And I still hope Bernie somehow saves us

  • Ryan C 2 years ago

    If that’s the worst you’ve got on Jill Stein, count me in. Even if you
    think all four main candidates are ‘evil’, she’s far and above the least
    ‘evil’ of the bunch. I still miss Bernie, though. :/

    (Already voted for her anyway.)

  • Lauritz Wiesinger 2 years ago

    I don’t know why everybody is still arguing, we have our candidate: Joe
    Exotic 2016

  • Christina Heart 2 years ago

    oh my god we are screwed either way….

  • Cameron Geiser 2 years ago

    Bernie Sanders was the only good choice and the DNC/Corporate Media screwed
    us all..

  • Murad Diab 2 years ago

    Let’s see John has taken the time to critique all the candidates in depth.
    Trump, Johnson, and Stein. There’s only one he hasn’t done yet gosh I can’t
    remember her name!

  • Eamenic1 2 years ago

    I don’t get the outrage. He rips on Hillary all the fucking time. I
    honestly don’t get it. He’s said that she sucks. Some of you guys are just
    so damn emotionally attached to your horrible candidates. Good grief

  • Robert Allabauer 2 years ago

    Dear America,

    You fucked up by not giving Bernie the nomination.

    The world.

  • TheAnimaAnimal 2 years ago

    So John based Jill Stein’s proposal of cancelling Student debt by one video
    of her explaining it. Not looking at the more detailed version on her

  • DabIMON 2 years ago

    I actually don’t think Jill seemed all that bad… but still, there’s no
    way she’s gonna win…

  • bigma 2 years ago

    USA… you are fucked

  • cyanmanta 2 years ago

    Stop focusing so much on the presidential shit show and get yourself ready
    to vote in the other races taking place in your area. Vote for congress,
    vote for senate, vote for your state rep, your attorney general, your local
    sheriff, and all the other offices up for election this year. Whatever you
    do, don’t say “I’m not voting because I hate both candidates.” Don’t be
    stupid. Staying home on Election Day because you don’t like the
    presidential nominees is like not buying your dream home because you don’t
    like the drapes.

  • M83 Collective 2 years ago

    As a libertarian, we aren’t huge fans of Gary Johnson either.

  • T Orrent 2 years ago

    This is why actually functional democracies have multiple political parties
    – more choices, less corruption, and less “special interests” in
    government. The US’s two party system is no different than a one party

  • Raptor King Gaming 2 years ago

    I have Autism, and I never had Vaccine in my life.

  • cooldude56g 2 years ago

    I’m voting for Jill Stein…

    Yep, I’m a fucking moron
    I’m a monster
    I should kill myself
    I’m throwing away my vote
    I hate america
    I should “get educated”
    I’m better off voting for Hilary/Trump/Johnson
    I know nothing about
    republicanism/democracy/libertarianism/politics/economics/insert candidate
    I eat infant children in my spare time
    I’m in-bed with crooked Hilary
    I accepted bribes from Donald Trump
    I am the incarnation of the anti-Christ

    But I’m still voting for Jill Stein.

  • Flavio Fernandes 2 years ago

    You had a better option and you let him go. Just sayin’…

  • FSSZilla 2 years ago

    I’d rather vote someone who has the wrong implementation of the right idea
    than the right implementation of the wrong idea.

  • crunk4124 2 years ago



  • Sax Panther 2 years ago

    What the fuck is this cherry picked bullshit? Jill Stein is bad because:
    “She’s the only one who has the right ideas, but she hasn’t figured out how
    to implement them yet”
    “She gave a vague answer to a conspiracy theorist”
    “She used to be a musician”

    But oh of course we aren’t going to make a video about Hillary…


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