Think You Can Get Past Georgia’s Voter Suppression Boss?

Published on June 11, 2020

The Late Show has obtained this exclusive footage of minority voters in Georgia attempting to vote. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #ColdOpens

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  • mary jones 2 months ago

    yep, the sad part is that if little dumpster-fire donnie trumputin saw this he would try to make it become our reality. but great job, loved the old ‘pitfall’ game btw. ty mr colbert and fam, cast and crew.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 months ago

    If you’re a Rich Donor with a hefty Campaign Contribution, a “cheat mode” is activated (where the government gives you more money than you put in).

  • Cathy L 2 months ago

    What’s messed up is it’s that hard or harder. We need some luck. Dammit we need this win for America. Not for us. But for all of us. They just can’t understand it yet.

  • Rocky ROCKS 2 months ago

    Well…. I wud put my Doggo and catto poop in MacBurger bag and dump on the Trump.

  • ForeverMe543 2 months ago

    Voter fraud is a serious problem

    Too bad we can’t stop the damn republicans from doing it

  • Clarence Bridges 2 months ago

    The dems dems do this too. I, sick of Colbert acting like they working for anyone but their corporate donors

  • Jin Nen 2 months ago

    When will this horrible game be over?

  • hotboy757 2 months ago

    The dinosaur had a maga hat, 💀💀💀👻

  • Matt Hix 2 months ago

    Republicans still obsessed about security

  • Wim Philipsen 2 months ago

    This is no laughin matter anymore.

  • Paul Jansen 2 months ago

    Just block his Twitter account and Trump is never to be heard from again lol!

  • professorM 2 months ago

    I’m calling it now. November voting will be suspended.

  • Virginia B. Britton 2 months ago

    Remember Lester Maddox ?
    Georgia, tradition, corruption.

  • Lexxy Snow 2 months ago

    Pitfall was never this funny 🏃‍♂️🕳️

  • Melissa H 2 months ago

    Isn’t it funny, the end of democracy in the USA. And how everyone just assumes it won’t get worse. 😂 So funny.

  • Jim Leffler 2 months ago

    I laughed too hard at this

  • zoroaster1973 2 months ago

    Inactivision LMAO

  • Christian Xander James 2 months ago


    Georgias governor has got to go. What an asshole.

  • Don b 2 months ago

    Maybe the subject is important enough to not crack a joke about? This is one problem I have with comedy shows tackling news today. This is, for the most part, something started by the daily show’s Jon Stewart and other comedy shows have picked it up and run away with the concept. But not every awful thing needs to be shaped into comedy. Can’t we just appreciate this for the fucking awful moment that it is without trying to make someone laugh at our own pathetic dog shit country?


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