“They Should Not Freak Out” – Dr. LaPook On Vaccinated People Who Fear Catching The Delta Variant

Published on August 17, 2021

Physician and professor of medicine at NY Langone who serves as Chief Medical Correspondent for CBS News, Dr. Jon LaPook, is here to share his expertise about the pandemic and talk about his empathetic approach to talking to people about vaccines. #Colbert #DrLaPook #JonathanLaPook

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  • Herowebcomics 2 years ago

    It’s true that just yelling at people isn’t always the best way, but sometimes you have got to set them straight!

  • Jody Fulford 2 years ago

    Does anybody really think that Steven is drinking coffee that late at night?

  • olesammie 2 years ago

    I am shocked by how little home testing you do in the US. Here in the UK, as a teacher I test 3 times a week. Tests are free.

  • macnavi 2 years ago

    Cute that he believes some of those people’s mind can be changed by listening. Anyone now still being fanatically against masks or vaccinations, will only change their opinion when someone close to them gets terribly sick or dies of Covid. Not sure if he really believes it himself, but just want to calm us down.

  • Shirley Pearson 2 years ago

    They used to say seat belts were uncomfortable now they’re the law.

  • robert paine 2 years ago

    Unvaccinaed kids need to stay at home and deal with on line teaching.. better than having to miss school and quarantined. what is the mental health status of 5000 students in Florida that have to be quarantine? this is the problem

  • Darrmad 2 years ago

    God Colbert is such a liberal P O S.

  • ziqi92 2 years ago

    A disease should not be feared, but respected. Do not fear COVID, but do respect how deadly it is and do your part by getting vaccinated and keeping your mask on.

  • Damien Vryce 2 years ago

    Sorry doc, but listening to anti-vaxxers’ bullshit is too painful. You can’t fix stupid, so we need to rely on Darwinism to the job for us.

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    So the doc says “we don’t know why it’s more dangerous” and Colbert says “is it the viral load?” Dude, he just said we do not know. Colbert is (sometimes) entertaining but he’s an incompetent interviewer.

  • Taricus 2 years ago

    The videos with LaPook are mislabeled. This one is the empathy talk.

  • Richard Johnson 2 years ago

    That is one reason we need PBS.


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