These Words Give Us The Ick! 🚩🚩🚩 #Shorts



  • A Florida Son 2 months ago

    “Ohh myy”. 😂😂

  • Help me reach 43k subs without any Videos 2 months ago

    Congrats to all who is early and found this comment 🏅

  • Pat Mc 2 months ago

    No fear of Jamie, unlike those who worked for him he just let them go and took his managerial fees😠

  • George Bannon 2 months ago

    First he wanted to get rid of the unhealthy, delicious food from school dinners, then tried to remove the culture of foreign cuisines by middle classing them, now he’s trying to get rid of the sexuality of food…. this man has gone too far

  • Pearl Kravetz 2 months ago

    you know when you try to explain something and it just gets worse as you get going and you just keep talking but yet you keep putting your foot in your mouth I guess this is kind of like that hilarious okie dokie happy holidays✌️


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