These Democrats Beat Trump According To Polls

Published on June 12, 2019

Joe Biden isn’t the only Democrat polling ahead of Donald Trump in 2020 general election polls. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • nancy sexton 6 days ago

    At 1:49 he forgot Michelle’s name

  • Chris Sudlow 6 days ago

    Stephen…you have so much make up on and you look absolutely terrible….please stop doing blow….come up with some original jokes in your monologue

  • Bad Xerge 6 days ago

    Come on guys, mexicans are the largest growing group in Texas and puerto ricans are moving by the thousands to Florida, even if Trump gerrymanders his way into a second term, this will probably be the last republican presidency in american history. Add to that that Canada and Mexico are already governed by the left, and we get that the years to come after this nightmare will be amazing.

  • CloudsGirl7 6 days ago

    It’s not simply democrats that are angry, Donnie Dipshit; it’s all sensible people.
    Don’t you know the phrase ‘don’t poke the bear’? You’ve been doing that since before you had the election hijacked.

  • Paramjit Brar 6 days ago

    How can America hear Trump say such things day in and day out and not be frightened. As USA stays embroiled is these DELIBERATE distractions , other countries are making plans to create a big independent block !!

  • Ádám Arany 6 days ago

    Biden is pathetic with the Obama obsession

  • matthew C 6 days ago

    Trump, there’s zero probability that the best speech will come from you at any occasions. You really can’t lie about the fact that everyone knows, even the stupidest uneducated supporters you have know better.

  • sophie g 6 days ago

    America needs an non-corporatist president. We can’t waste time, the planet is dying.

  • CJihoo 6 days ago

    Let him stay delusional. I just hope this isn’t setup for Russia to do their work.

  • Rodolfo Saluto 6 days ago

    Carefull… Social media will win the election for him .

  • axmortz 6 days ago

    All this would actually be hilarious if trump’s actions didn’t have any consequences around the world. Unfortunately, they do and it is not for the better.

  • Nivaldo Silva dos Santos 6 days ago

    Stephen Colbert, you’re the best. I huge congratulations since Australia.

  • John Greene 6 days ago

    In 2016…..Clinton was up by 19 points. Polls be damed. Don’t forgot to vote. Your vote counts!!!!. Vote Trump out of office.

  • snapdragonfly66 6 days ago

    Yep and Hillary was beating Trump too

  • Missy 6 days ago

    Holy fuck. He claimed that these people didn’t cry at birth. Does he really think exaggeration is appropriate?

  • Richard Marchant 6 days ago

    You think an idiot that’s so touchy about the size of his tiny hands wouldn’t make so many ridiculous hand gestures

  • The Green Queen 6 days ago

    Why is Trump extra blond and extra bronzed this week? He got back from the U.K. and called his best painters and tinkerers? Wtaf

  • Super HumanTV 6 days ago

    yang gang – ” Andrew Yang 2020″

  • Laura Pineda 6 days ago

    Please dont give trashy trump any ammunition against Biden we need the garbage out of office ASAP!!!

  • CAP198462 6 days ago

    Don’t believe those polls. There is no sure victory here. Now is the time to register to vote, to update your address with your county recorder’s office, and regrettably, ensure you have the required documentation and the address matches.


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