There’s So Much to Be Thankful for, Right?

Published on November 26, 2020

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and James Corden checks in with Reggie Watts and Ian Karmel to see what their plans are, which are modified like most Americans thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And one of the show’s writers, Tom, has to sweat it out to see if his parade float jokes are good enough for him to keep his job.

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  • Mary apple Simpin 2 months ago

    Hello sir,, 💖 to all of you, 💕

  • Juliet Tomlinson 2 months ago

    James is like THAT cool Uncle you wish came for every Thanksgiving
    Edit: Or the cousin obsessed with one direction

  • Isabella Sermana 2 months ago

    its feels so werid being early :/

  • Daniel Baumann 2 months ago

    Super Mario, that you?

  • Kevin BKT 2 months ago

    @james corden I love you so much I am 8 years old and I host a talk show and I want to be just like you please let me interview you🥰🥰💖🥰🥰🥰

  • Евгений Красников 2 months ago


  • Cate Blankett 2 months ago

    You know what?
    I never actually enjoyed watching this show before, but after quarantine i’ve been binge-watching this, especially for the monologues.
    This format is so much more enjoyable and the banter between James and the crew feels just right.
    It also feels funnier !

    To anyone reading :sending virtual hugs to everyone who need it 🙂

    idk what to comment because i’ve never been early before xd

  • Adrian Hanekom 2 months ago

    This is the most important thing about 2020 Mask is everything. For Christmas gifts is going to give mask out. I’m mostly thankful for you James the show to keep us laughing thank you

  • Jordana Goldstein 2 months ago

    Rudy Ballooniani would probably have a better chance at getting trump into the office than Giuliani himself

  • Erwin Pietersen 2 months ago

    lmao ian has been killing it

  • Beto.j nava 2 months ago

    They way he said their so much to be thankful for but he stops ever five seconds to think about it lol

  • Kari Major 2 months ago

    “I never realized you were a turnup?” 🤣
    “I roll a heavy cuff”

  • 8-happiness 2 months ago

    Since I found out that the world is running out of helium and we can’t make it, I’ve really turned off balloons. 🎈🎈Talk about a waste of resources.

  • lulu in hollywood 2 months ago

    I guess people forgot that most ppl with covid DONT have a temperature, especially the elderly

  • Shawn John 2 months ago

    Does he even know that thanksgiving is basically canceled in CA? No more than 3 household, at least 6 feet, a periodically cleaned restroom, and no more than 2 hours……

  • anderjpoo 2 months ago

    As a Brit I can confirm there is no Thanksgiving here, just saying in case anyone was wondering:)

  • Caspian Carter 2 months ago


  • GABY RESIS 2 months ago

    We also called it Thursday in South Africa..

  • A C Gilbert 2 months ago

    I’ve never watched Survivor. I’m certain I never will

  • Catherine Inghram 2 months ago

    Fanksgiving lol


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